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We all love the smell of fresh clean sheets. We feel better after a long shower or hot bath. After we clean the garage, the house, the bathroom, the kitchen, we just feel good about our accomplishment and the job we have done. We prefer to eat in a restaurant that is clean and well kept. Antibacterial cleaning products and hand sanitizers are in high demand everywhere we look.

 It’s a fact, we like clean, and, lately, we have been demanding it. We might not always want to take the time to get there, but we’d all rather have clean than not.

Being clean is important for our health and for our environment. In the advent of a greener environment, we are finding new ways to be clean. We recycle, we reduce waste, we save energy by turning off a light or turning down the heat. We search for cleaner forms of energy, and all this helps clean.

If you have had the opportunity to drive south on I-65, just before Lafayette, you might have encountered the futuristic-looking wind farm that can currently generate enough power to supply 60,000 homes. Clean energy in the form of wind is a novel concept, and the last I checked there seems to be a pretty good supply of wind.

 We have alternative fuel choices for vehicles. We have reduced vehicle emissions by improving the efficiency of gasoline and diesel engines and by modifying engine oil specifications to reduce harmful chemicals that raised emissions in the past.  We removed the ozone depleting Freon from automobiles (R12) and are currently in the process of making another change from R134a, which they already have plans to start phasing out in Europe in 2011. Although R134a is not considered an ozone-depleting product, it does contribute to global warming.

Many manufacturers are filling tires with nitrogen instead or air. This reduces moisture in the tire/wheel and keeps air pressure more stable over greater temperature ranges, which helps increase overall fuel economy. Nitrogen also tends to be less able to permeate through the tire, therefore maintaining proper pressure over a longer period of time.  Newer vehicles are coming equipped with electronic power steering, which eliminates engine load from an engine driven power steering pump. I know we all question why things change from time to time, but change is to provide a positive regardless of how it seems on the surface. Years of research and development go into many of the most simplistic innovations we see being utilized today.

The innovations that provide a cleaner today will be the projects of the future to improve upon and change for the better.

 Brian Piunti President Oil Xperts, Portage IN  For questions or comments email

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