Ten Good Tips for Parents

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1.  Ask your students if they have homework, and don’t believe them when they say no.

 2.  Make sure you give good phone numbers to the teachers.

3.  Visit the school and meet your child’s teacher(s). If you get to know the teachers and staff, they will be more likely and able to contact you if there is an issue.

4.  Manage your child’s television time and have them read to you at night.

5.  Buy boys’ pants that fit and aren’t five sizes too big. A lot of time is wasted telling them to pull them up.

6.  Your children model themselves after you. Be respectful and honest in front of the teacher and at home, and they will be more likely to follow suit.

7.  Don’t try to give too much information to the teacher at Meet the Teacher night, the first week of school. Give them contact information in writing and then call to schedule an appointment to discuss just your child.

8.  Monitor your child’s use of a cell phone, and explain the importance of having the phone turned off during school. Don’t text or call them during school hours, because they will get in trouble. Call the office if you have an emergency.

9.  Teach your kids to use a planner. They often include a packing list for what to take home, a to-do list once a student gets home, and, a list of what should come back to school the next day, as well as signed slips, etc.

10.  Get e-mail addresses of all your child’s teachers. It’s easy for teachers to type a quick note about issues as they arise and keep parents informed with short emails.

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