Ways to Prevent Falls

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Here are ways to prevent falls—and possible fractures—in your daily life.

Improve your balance and coordination through physical activity.
Install bright lighting in your home. Use non-slip mats in the bathtub and shower. Have grab bars installed wherever balance is an issue — particularly
in the bathroom.

Don’t use step stools or small rugs. Wear shoes that have non-slip soles and good support for your feet.

Remove from any walking area objects that you might trip over.

Talk with a health professional about all of the medications you take — both prescription and over-the-counter. Some medicines or combinations of medicines can make you lightheaded or dizzy—and therefore more likely to fall.

Have your vision checked. An out-of-date prescription for glasses or an eye condition could limit your vision and make you more likely to fall.

Consider how much calcium and vitamin D you need?

To protect and strengthen your bones, here are consumption levels recommended by the Office of the Surgeon General for calcium and vitamin D. To help you understand the numbers: You will get about 300 mg of calcium and 50 IU of vitamin D in either a cup of milk or a cup of fortified orange juice.

  Age Calcium (mg) Vitamin D (intl. units)  


18-50 1,000 200
51-70 1,200 400
70-plus 1,200 600


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