How to Make Home Made Blankets

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by Krystal Vivian

Supplies You’ll Need:

Two pieces of fleece fabric the same size – Fabric should be at least 40 inches wide, but most fabrics are 54 inches wide which is perfect. For large blankets, two yards of fabric is recommended. For smaller sized blankets for babies or pets, one and a half yards of fabric is fine. They can be different colors or patterns, and can be found at Jo-Ann Fabrics or Walmart.

Sharp scissors.

Tape measurer.

One 4×4 inch piece of paper.

Sometimes decorating a home or finding the perfect birthday gift can be expensive, but with a little creativity and a couple spare hours, making a new no-sew fleece blanket for a gift or as a decorative item is no problem at all.

It is very simple to do, but it does take about an hour to two hours to make, depending on how exact the creator wants the measurements to be.

Fabric generally runs about $3-$5 per yard, depending on pattern and thickness of the fleece, so it is easy to create a personalized blanket or pillow for under $20. Everyone from newborn babies to grandparents can enjoy the comfort and coziness of a homemade, personalized blanket.

First, line up your two pieces of fabric so that all edges are even and matched up and lay them flat on the floor or on a large table. Then, take the 4×4 inch piece of paper and place it at a corner of the blanket. Cut on the fabric along the edges of the paper, and do this for each corner. Be sure to cut both pieces of fabric together so that the cut is even.

Next, take the tape measure to make a straight line from one corner to another. You will want to cut slits in the pieces of fabric about 1 to 1-1/2 inches apart, but make sure they are mostly equal. The slits should be cut no farther than where the tape measure is laying on the blanket, to ensure that the cuts are equal in length. Again, be sure you are cutting both pieces of fabric. Do this for all four edges of the blanket.

Now it is time to tie the fringe pieces you just cut. For the best looking blanket, tie knots in every other fringe piece by tying the two fabric fringe pieces together. Follow this around the blanket until half of the fringe pieces are tied.

Some people prefer to double-knot the pieces in order to keep them from coming undone, especially in the washer, but that is purely up to whoever is making the blanket.

Flip the blanket over to the other side and tie the pieces of fringe that you left untied. After this, the blanket is completed. It is recommended to wash the blanket once before use, just to make sure that it is very clean.

This method can also be used to tie fabric around a pillow and create a fun pillow for a child’s room or couch decoration. Simply follow the instructions above, but fit the fabric around a pillow before you tie it, and size the pillow and add eight inches before buying the fabric.

These blankets are very popular and very attractive for any person of any age or gender. They make great gifts for birthdays, baby showers and holidays.

The best part is that each blanket is completely and totally designed by the creator, which makes it easy to personalize. It can feature any sort of pattern, color or emblem, and can have even two colors or patterns. They can be made in various sizes as well, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different sized blankets for different family members and friends. The fleece fabric is comfortable and durable enough for everyday use, and the pattern is attractive enough that the blankets can serve as decorative blankets as well.

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