Portage Man Reaches Goal, Races Towards Next

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Portage man reaches one goal, races towards next

Carl Kurek

At 10 years of age, Cody Suggs enjoyed playing basketball, soccer and other sports, as boys his age often do, but that would all change after receiving an ATV for his 11th birthday that would steer his life in a new direction.

The boy from Portage took naturally to riding his ATV right away and it passion but he would not get into racing it until two years later.
“I took him up to Michigan to watch some races when he was about 13,” his father, Craig, said. “When he saw that first race, he basically fell in love. It’s been his passion ever since.”

Over the next seven years, Cody Suggs would become a full-time athlete, devoting himself to training and working his way up the ranks in the American Motorcyclist Association/All Terrain Vehicle Association’s 4-stroke class A. The AMA/ATVA series consists of 11 races that take place in varying states throughout the country over the course of a year, and riders place according to the number of points they accumulate.

“He was competitive pretty early, but it was all new to him,” Craig Suggs said of his son who graduated from Portage High School in 2007. “At the local level he had success, but the national level, that’s the best of the best.”
Now at the age of 21, Cody Suggs’ seven years of hard work and dedication to the sport of ATV racing finally paid off in the form of his first national title.
According to ATVMagBlog.com, Cody Suggs only competed in 10 of the 11 rounds, but his 169 points edged second-place racer Preston Young by 10 points and proved, once again, winning is not everything. Throw-outs and consistency also play a key role in capturing an amateur title.

“I was just really relieved,” Cody Suggs said when describing his post-win emotions. “I’ve had a lot of bad luck over the years, but luckily I’ve got a lot of good people behind me.”

Craig Suggs said that his family is far from rich, but they’ve always given him the best machines and equipment they can afford. While the dozen or so ATVs Cody Suggs estimates he has gone through over the years were not cheap, while he improved, so did his financial support.

“Nothing’s free,” his father said. “But since he’s improved he’s picked up sponsors to help out.”

Over the last three years or so, Cody Suggs has stepped up his training even more, spending his winters in Florida or Texas training. He has also been training with pro-racer Harold Goodman of Michigan, who has taken the amateur racer from Portage under his wing.

“He’s taught me a lot and we’ve become good friends at the same time,” Cody Suggs said.

Cody Suggs parents agree that his dedication to the sport he loves has ultimately bettered him all around. His mother, Teresa, said that her son puts everything he has in him to go out and achieve his goal every weekend, which is to go out and win races.
His father said that having raced since such a young age and worked to be in top physical shape made his son more mature than most men his age and also given him more confidence in himself.
While Cody Suggs has kept a job through his years of training and racing, he looks at racing as a second full-time job without the pay. But he hopes that will one day change.
“It’s always been a goal of mine to make a career out of this, to get to that level, but it takes a lot of work,” Cody Suggs said. “It’s always been in the back of my head, but I always take it a day at a time.”

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