Gardening for Autumn Color

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Autumn produces some of the most vibrant colors of the gardening year. An understanding of what causes these colors and knowledge of plants that perform best at this time can help make the most of this fabulous season.
How does a spectacular autumn happen?
Deciduous trees and shrubs show leaf color changes in autumn when day length becomes shorter and temperatures begin to become colder. Under these conditions, chlorophyll, the green pigment in leaves, starts to break down and other colored pigments show through to give yellows, oranges, reds and purples. High light levels help to build up sugars within the leaves creating the intense foliage colors of autumn. Overcast weather or shady growing will not produce brilliant foliage colors. Ideal conditions for autumn color require sunny days followed by crisp cold nights.

If you are selecting plants for autumn foliage, make your choice when plants are showing their autumn foliage, thus ensuring good color and avoiding disappointment.

Geographical origin and parentage are critical factors for good foliage. Plants selected from areas recognized for autumn color continue to show exceptional color when grown elsewhere.

Genetic selection also broadens the range of these plants available. Propagating such selections from cuttings ensures that autumn colors are kept.

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