Bodyweight exercises more effective, affordable than gyms

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Holiday gift guide: Bodyweight exercises more effective, affordable than gyms

The average American male can bench press only 135 pounds without risking injury, and women can typically only bench press about 60 pounds, so why does everyone feel like the only way they can work out is with a 500 pound weight machine from a gym?

That is the question asked by Donnie Gorsuch, a woman who did not have the time or money for a gym, but wanted to exercise in the comfort of her own home. Her logic flew in the face of the popular notion that if you do not belong to a gym, you need to buy gym-style equipment to work out.

Gyms and the health club industry have created in the popular consciousness a type of ‘gym dependency,’ which has convinced millions of people that the only way to really get a good workout is with gym equipment,” she said.

But Gorsuch did not have the time or money to join a gym, nor did she have room in her house for a giant workout machine.

That’s when I discovered the practice of bodyweight training, which uses your own weight to provide the resistance for muscles that gym equipment provides,” Gorsuch said.

Gorsuch is not only a practitioner of bodyweight training, but she also developed with her husband a simple brace for bodyweight trainers called the Power Platform. The platform folds up and fits just about anywhere, and comes with instructions on how to perform basic and advanced bodyweight exercises.

Gorsuch said that since bodyweight exercises do not require weights, they are ideal for people who cannot afford to give up time and money for a gym membership

In this economy, most people are of one of two extremes. They either have two or more jobs trying to make ends meet, or they are among the millions who are unemployed or underemployed,” Gorsuch added. “Bodyweight training is perfect for these people, because it’s neither expensive nor time consuming.”

According to Gorsuch, the practice has been around for decades, and is used by the military, the space program and even Olympic athletes.

People have become slaves to their gym, and when they are forced to quit because of time or money, they wind up buying an expensive piece of equipment from a late night infomercial that ends up taking up space, or better, becoming a staging area for folding clothes or a work bench for household fix-it projects,” she said. “Bodyweight training has always been around, but because of the unique challenges facing most people in today’s new economy, it looks like the practice will finally gain the mainstream acceptance it deserves.”

For more information on Donnie Gorsuch or the Power Platform, visit www.powerplatformfitness.com.

About Donnie Gorsuch

Donnie Gorsuch has always been an athletic person, and since graduating college in 1986, she has been happily married for 25 years. The mother of five sons and one daughter, she is also a partner in a successful R/E development firm. She recently co-authored the patent application for the Power Platform and is leading a development team to create the Power Platform Fitness curriculum, product line and brand.

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