Local group to send care packages to troops

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The 656th Transportation Company Family Readiness Group (FRG) supports U.S. soldiers and their families, especially during deployments. They ensure communication to families during deployments and also ensure soldiers and their families are aware of the resources available to them as military members.The 656th Transportation Company is deployed on a one-year service in Afghanistan.

The group is sending care packages to the troops for Christmas.To ensure every soldier gets a package, they are assembling 169 packages on Nov. 14 at 1 p.m. at the Hobart Reserve Center, 3475 Wisconsin St. in Hobart.

They are using the flat rate packages, so postage is always needed. It will cost more than $2,100 to send all of the boxes. Included will be comfort foods, like caramel corn, popcorn, nuts, sunflower seeds, candy, gum and granola bars, as well as things that will give them something to do during their down time. Things such as books, games, computer games and cards are always good ideas. Any donations can be dropped off at the reserve center throughout the week and the day of packaging.Family members will be packaging the boxes.

A huge part of the effort is communication between the soldiers and their families during the deployment.The quotes for internet is $90 per month per room, with a goal of 80 rooms.

That is $7,200 per month in order for all rooms to have internet. The FRG hopes to take the pressure off the soldiers during their deployment.They are trying to help reduce this cost and ensure all soldiers get time to talk to their loved ones back home.

Another thing the group is organizing is having community members help the families of those serving with housework like raking leaves, snow removal and hanging Christmas lights. These volunteers could also help by just being there to talk to or spend time with the family members.

Although the unit has just arrived in Afghanistan, plans are already under way for the homecoming party. The plan is to have a parade and a party involving the entire community.

FRG wants to ensure these soldiers know how much their service and the sacrifices they have made for us are appreciated.

For more information about the 656th Transportation Company FRG or how you can help support our troops, contact Jacqueline Shinn, leader of the 656th Transportation Company FRG, at 656FRG@gmail.com

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