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by Rey Perez

Sweeping, dusting, washing and scrubbing, the employees at Simply Clean LLC out of Portage, can handle it all.

A spick and span home after a job well done are the norm for this business, but ever since joining the Cleaning for a Reason foundation earlier in 2010, the men and women of Simply Clean can not only leave a home in tip-top shape, but with a warm heart and a sense of pure gratification as well.

Founded in 2006, the Cleaning for a Reason foundation partners with cleaning services from all around the United States and Canada to provide home cleaning for women currently undergoing treatment for cancer. A 100 percent not-for-profit organization, Cleaning for a Reason was founded on the basis that women fighting cancer should focus on their health, not chores around their home.

The foundation has 779 partners in all 50 states as well as all of Canada. Women undergoing cancer treatment are able to submit their requests to Cleaning for a Reason, who then links with a local cleaning service in that area to aid these women. The cleaning services that are partnered with Cleaning for a Reason, including Simply Clean, have agreed to take two patients at a time and offer four free cleanings ñ once a month for four months ñ as a part of their contribution.

Simply Clean, which started in 2004, is owned and operated by Amber Klimasara of Portage. Klimasara was previously an independent contractor cleaning homes herself with the help of her mother, then word quickly spread about home and office cleaning in Porter County and Klimasara decided to start her own cleaning service.

Operating out of her home and serving Northwest Indiana, Klimasara runs Simply Clean with the help of her mother, husband and a few employees. The business is bonded and insured.

In September, Klimasara and Simply Clean became more than just a cleaning service. As she cleaned the home of a woman dealing with cancer who was going through many life changes, Klimasara knew there must have been something she could do with her resources to help women undergoing cancer treatment.

ìIt just really opened up my eyes,î Klimasara said. ìWe just all have a heart for them.î

With the help of a few mouse clicks, Klimasara was able to locate Cleaning for a Reason and register Simply Clean to become part of the large network of organizations that volunteer to help women facing these hard times.

Autumn Degard, a Portage resident, can relate to these women and also see the benefits of such a service. Degard had issues with cancer at a very young age, and just recently had to travel to Indianapolis to have a non-cancerous tumor removed from her liver.

A resilient Degard only stayed at the Indianapolis hospital for three days and bed rest for two weeks there after, but she admits if it was not for her family living close by, her husband might have had a harder time keeping up on all the housework while taking care of their three children.

ìThis is a really excellent service,î Degard said. ìA lot of people donít have family around like I do, so this would really make things easier for them.î

Simply Clean became the first service in Porter County to volunteer on the initiative. Ever since, the organization has been flooded with calls from all around Lake and Porter counties requesting service.

In Northwest Indiana, the demand for help in the homes of those women fighting cancer has been overwhelming. While Klimasara would like to help all of those women who send requests, to actually do so would be next to impossible. To maximize the care to detail in the homes cleaned, each participant in the program is only assigned two homes a month.

Klimasara has been on the hunt for other cleaning services in the area to join the cause.

ìI want others to help me provide these women with the help they must have and take the heavy load off their family as well as let them know they donít have to worry about cleaning,î she said.

Aid and partnership is needed to fill the void in Northwest Indiana and to help those women who are undergoing cancer treatment. For more information about partnering your cleaning service with Cleaning For a Reason and joining the likes of Klimasara and Simply Clean LLC, call Simply Clean at 219-508-2305, or visit www.cleaningforareason.org, or www.simplycleancleaningservice.com.

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