Take time out in Child Pose

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by Cynthia Smith~Faught

While our energy deepens into autumn, we start to feel the tug, to turn in little more inward, preparing for the upcoming winter season.

We internally want to connect to a deeper rhythm or to just slow down a bit and spend more time in reflection. This can be somewhat of a struggle in our western world because this is also the time when the holidays call us to rev up and become more social.

And if we have not transitioned smoothly from summer to autumn we may also have residual excessive energy from that season which can create irritability.

We see the cycles and rhythms in nature but not always in ourselves. When we strive to maintain a constant energy; up and running, we eventually find out that the well runs dry and we could possible become ill as a result.

Arming ourselves, especially this time of the year, is imperative to maintaining good health and having balance.

Over the past 15 years, I have been honoring the different rhythms and cycles in my life. This time of the year is when I start to prepare for my yearly intensive silent retreat which usually lasts three to four days.

This may seem daunting to many and there was a time when it was for me.

But taking time out for ourselves, even for a few moments in the day, can do wonders to restore our balance and our energy.

We practice child pose in our yoga class all of the time because regardless of the time of the year we all need to step back, pause and reflect. I often refer to this pose as our ìsanctuary pose.î

We take time to turn silently inward and this brings us to a quiet and deeper space. We may feel called to seek this every day but do not feel we are able to do so. In child pose we can find those moments of sanctuary and connect to those deeper rhythms in just a few minutes of the pose.

Balancing from the inner rhythm to the outer rhythm is the practice of our yoga this month and we find child pose the perfect pose to balance those rhythms.

Let us get started:

ïFind a quiet space and have a mat or blanket to be on the floor.

ïYou may also like to have blanket over you especially if your body tends be cool.

ïUse a small pillow to support the head if the lowering of the head to the floor creates too much pressure on the sinuses.

Child Pose

ïCome onto the hands and knees, if the knees need more cushion use a soft towel under them for another support; adjust the height of the towel accordingly for comfort.

ïSit back onto the heels; this can also be supported by putting a small pillow between the buttocks and heels.

ïAllow the knees to open while the feet stay close, this allows the belly to soften to the floor and relieves the chest for deeper breathing.

ïThe arms can rest overhead or alongside the body toward the feet.

ïThe head can rest on the side or have the forehead to the floor, use the small pillow here if having the head too low causes the sinuses to plug. Remember if you have your head lying down to one side to switch to the other side to balance.

ïLet the breath deepen into the belly but also feel the breath deep in the back along spine.

ïLet the jaw and neck relax.

ïEach inhalation let the body expand and each exhalation let the pose deepen.

ïKeep focusing on the breath to let the mind rest.

ïAllow yourself to stay in the pose for at least 2-5 minutes or as long as it is comfortable.

ïTo come up roll slowly through the spine sitting upright for a few moments and smile, bring the hands together in prayer pose and greet your world feeling refreshed and renewed!

This column is a guide only for the general population;

Not all practices are good for everybody; please consult with your health practitioner before engaging in physical movement and positions. Having physical presence with a teacher is always best but these instructions can offer a guide to the basic practice of yoga.

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