Cold weather is a time for soup

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With the colder weather beginning, many people find soup to be a comfort food. But did you know that soup can also be a healthy choice? Soup is often full of vegetables and can be a low-fat, high fiber part of your daily diet.

Soup is associated with relieving cold symptoms and can assist with weight loss. It is important to know what kinds of soup to order, make or buy to get the most health benefits along with the warm, steamy comfort.

Soups provide a good source of vegetables, full of vitamins and fiber. Many soups also contain beans, another great source of fiber. Soups that are made with broth or are tomato-based are filling because of the high water content and are also low in fat and calories.

Having a cup of soup as a snack or as part of your dinner may help you eat fewer calories the rest of the day. If cream soups are your favorite, consider making your soup with whole milk rather than cream, saving on calories and fat while keeping the creamy taste.

Do not forget to include vegetables in your cream soup, pureeing vegetables for an even smoother texture. Whichever soup you choose, you will find that it can slow down your eating because you cannot grab soup and eat it on the run very easily.

Taking the time to eat and enjoy is good for your digestion and your diet, allowing enough time for your stomach to feel satisfied. If you are buying soup or broth from the grocery store, watch out for too much sodium and choose reduced sodium soups whenever possible.

Science has discovered what mom knew all along ñ chicken soup can make you feel better when you have a cold or the flu. According to a study published in the medical journal “Chest,” chicken soup, hot or cold, helps to relieve congestion better than plain hot water, though hot soup does a better job than cold soup.

Another study conducted at the University of Nebraska Medical Center found that chicken soup contains anti-inflammatory properties that reduce cold symptoms caused by inflammation ñ congestion and coughs.

Keeping a couple cans of your favorite low-sodium chicken soup in your cupboard may be just what you need when you are hit by a winter cold. Making your own chicken soup is another great idea, filling it with lots of vegetables and freezing a few batches for later in the winter.

Make soup a part of your weekly menu and increase your vegetable and fiber intake. Along with the nutritional benefits, consider soup as a healthy option when you are suffering from cold or flu. Enjoy the warm comfort of soup knowing you are doing something good for your health.

This article was provided by Wellness Insight. For more information, visit www.wellnessmanagementsystems.com.

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