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To The Editor,

No matter what your religious heritage or your current practice may be, December is a month of giving. We give money to charities so we can reap tax benefits, we give of our time to help those less fortunate, and we give gifts to family and friends to celebrate a holiday.

This December, please consider giving a child the ultimate gift: A second chance at life.

The Children’s Organ Transplant Association (COTA) is dedicated to giving hope and making miracles for the thousands of children and young adults who are waiting for life-saving transplants, waiting for their second chance at life. Since 1986, COTA has assisted nearly 1,600 patients and has helped raise more than $58 million for transplant-related expenses.

This holiday season, COTA needs your help. As part of your December “To Do” list, please become an organ and tissue donor. In addition, encourage your friends, family members, neighbors and associates to take three simple and life-saving steps: register to be an organ donor through your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles or donor registry; express this wish to family members during holiday gatherings, and carry your organ donor designation card at all times.

Thousands of children are spending this holiday season waiting, not for a shiny new toy, but for a transplant. Give them the gift of hope by placing your name on a registry or by making a financial contribution to help a family who is facing a transplant. These gifts are more precious than anything you will find under a tree.

To find out how you can help make a miracle this holiday season, please go to www.cota.org.

Rick Lofgren


President, Children’s Organ Transplant Association (COTA)

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