Adopt a cat for Christmas

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By Dorothy Ripperdan

If you are considering adopting a cat or kitten this holiday season or anytime in the future, please consider choosing two. You will find that you have not only chosen to receive twice the love you expected, but have also given two cats or kittens the family they so dearly want and deserve.

It is good for cats to have companionship. Two cats, especially young kittens, can play together and satisfy the need for physical and emotional interaction. In most cases, multi-cat household felines tend to be happier and less likely to get into trouble. It can also keep the pet owner from being the constant playmate.

How do you choose which two?

Choose cats or kittens with physiques and body types that mirror that of each other. It is also good to try to determine the cat’s personality traits and try to get cats whose temperaments match. Too many times someone comes into our shelter and chooses a cat or kitten and spends very little time with them. They then sadly end up returning them because they were not a good fit for them and their home.

For this reason, we at the Independent Cat Society, hope that you will spend some time getting to know you’re the kittens or cats you choose. Also, just because the cats or kittens are siblings, does not always mean they will be a good match for living together.

With the right pairing and introduction, two cats living together may ultimately lead more satisfying lives than that of a single feline. But remember you cannot just put two cats together and expect them to get along.

Cats need stimulation during the day. They are less likely to ruin furniture out of boredom if they have a playmate. If you work long hours or have to travel for work, two or more cats keep each other company and are more tranquil during your absence. Your cat will also remain playful and youthful into their later years when they have a companion.

A cat or kitten that is left alone during the day can often become very lonely and bored, which can lead to mischief or in the case of an older cat, unnecessary weight gain from lack of movement and activity.

Many people who experience behavioral problems with a cat or kitten find it often goes away when another companion is adopted. What may sometimes be perceived as mischief is often just the result of boredom.

At the ICS we have many cats that have already bonded, depend on each other and would need to be placed in a home together. Because of this, these wonderful cats have a harder time finding a home.

Come out and meet some of these wonderful pairs and maybe you will find your perfect match or come and meet all of our wonderful cats. Maybe you will find the perfect one or two for under your Christmas tree and make their wishes for a new home for the holidays come true.

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