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by Mike Siroky

In a season of bigger and bigger surprises, a special mother/daughter team from Valparaiso is celebrating the success of less.

Marci and Courtney Crozier are current filming as contestants on the wildly popular Biggest Loser television show, a season which has yet to be telecast.

They are sworn to secrecy, of course. Contracted, actually. So they cannot comment.

But, as regular show viewers know, an important part of the support for the contestants are the times they get to break away from being sequestered and visit the homefolks, especially at holiday time.

So Marci and Courtney were feted Sunday at Valparaiso High School by several hundred supporters. Supporters had custom-made T-shirts and posters all ready for the event.

No press was allowed and no contestants may comment. The network had a camera crew on hand for use in the season to come.

For those who were there, it was a delightful celebration.

In preparation for this, one of Marciís sisters has been hosting an official Biggest Loser Club every night the season just completed.

Yes, they are ready to rock the new season as well.

ìI am so proud to know these two great women,î one of their hometown supporters, Karen Crawford, said.

ìI am confident they will do very well in their journeys because they are very determined and committed. They are gonna be hot. The best part is they will be healthy. And happy.î

Another of Team Crozier,Teresa Iatrola Arioyo, said ìI am so blessed to have Marci as a sister and Courtney as a niece. They have inspired me to lose 48 pounds so far. I promised Courtney on National TV I would lose 100 pounds. I want to thank them for helping me to get healthy. May God continue to bless them on their journey.î

Sandy Campbell is another Team Crozier member.

ìIt is awesome,î she said. ìI watch The Biggest Loser all the time and it will be great that someone I know is on the show. I wish them both the best.î

Gina Seibers is also a relative as well as a Team Crozier member.

ìMarci (my cousin) is a wonderful other who would anything for her daughters,î she said. ìCourtney is my inspiration as she was already losing weight before she got on the show. I am so very proud of both of them.î

Courtney had already lost 100 pounds before the taping even began. Yet she and her mom are the biggest female duo to ever appear on the show.

The show organizes contestants by season, sometimes allowing only relatives in teams of two, sometimes all individuals.

Season 11 will be friends and family.

It is all part of the popular franchise that the Biggest Loser has spawned as Season 11 tapes.

There is Biggest Loser gear. Biggest Loser diet plans. Biggest Loser workout tapes and other paraphernalia. Biggest Loser chat rooms. Biggest Loser on Facebook and Twitter.

And, of course, clubs across the nation. Finalists become cult heroes. Follow-up telecasts tell us all who kept the weight off (and one previous winner of a season put it all back on).

It is likely the very human element that has kept the otherwise oddly named show in the publicís conscience.

On the shows, more than 200 morbidly obese Americans have had their lives redirected.

Season 7 finalist Tara Costa participated in the San Francisco triathlon and 5K and 10K races at Treasure Island.

Season twoís ìat homeî winner Pete Thomas, season nineís Sherry Johnston and Season five winner Ali Vincent ran in the first ever ìBiggest Loserî 5K in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Popular Season seven player Sione Fa traveled with his father to Tonga to meet with the royal family and motivate people on the island to get healthy.

Season eightís beloved contestant Abby Rike who continues to inspire others with her unforgettable story of triumph over tragedy.

Rike and Season six favorite Kristin Steede fulfilled their dreams of motherhood after getting healthy on the show.

Season sevenís father-son team — Ron and Mike Morelli, with Mikeís brother Max ñ launched a childrenís fitness program.

Season five brothers Mark and Jay Kruger support a charitable organization that provides sports equipment to disadvantaged youth so they can live a healthier lifestyle.

Two people once considered among the sickest contestants on the show ñ Season six player Jerry Skeabeck and Season eightís Tracy Yukich ñ are still doing fine.

Season two winner Matt Hoover, who continues to have the familiar yo-yo effect (putting weight back on then losing it again), has competed in an Ironman event in Florida. And he married fellow-contestant Suzy Preston.

The experience of ìThe Biggest Loserî has also motivated many contestants to pursue new careers, including Season four finalist Hollie Self, who went from being a contestant to working her way up to a producer on ìThe Biggest Loser,î and Season six couple Amy and Phil Parham, who recently became authors.

Among the requirements, potential cast members must have a minimum of 100 pounds to lose, must be at least 18 years old, be U.S. residents and be judged to have the proper personality ñ ìboldî and ìoutgoingî ñ to compete. Although Courtney told producers she had already lost 112 pounds before even being accepted, she knew she had a long way to go to get where she wants to be.

Obviously, there is also the time commitment to the filming of the show.

If you think you would like to tryout for Season 12, visit www.thebiggestlosercasting.com.

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