The McKitties rescue: A Holiday to remember

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The Independent Cat Society learned days before Thanksgiving from a Portage High School student and McDonaldís restaurant worker that there was a tiny family of cats taking refuge in a drainage ditch near the McDonalds drive-through in Portage.
This little family had been living there and waiting for the cover of night to hunt for food. We could not let this little family remain there left to the ravages of weather and predators, so the ICS went to work and developed a plan to humanely trap and rescue this tiny family.

Some of our dedicated volunteers watched them for several nights and set up a feeding station so we could determine how best to trap them. First, mom would appear checking out the area then slowly one by one the kittens would join her  … one from under the dumpster, one from a tree and one from the ice and water-filled ditch.
The volunteers set the traps with tuna and then sat and watched and waited for the small family to appear. Mom, as usual, came first and sniffed the traps but did not go in.
Then came the first kitten and his hunger and the smell of the tuna became too much for him and he walked right into the trap, the door snapping shut assuring that he would be safe. Soon the other two kittens followed their brother but mom was still wary. Eventually, though, the smell of the tuna and the lure of her kittens tempted her into a trap.
On that cold winter night the McDonalds crew and the ICS volunteers celebrated the safety of these little ones.
But this is not the end of this story, days later the Independent Cat Society received a report that there was a fourth kitten, who had been unseen at the time of the rescue and who had been left to fend for herself. So, on the Sunday following, ICS president Connie Szawara and dedicated ICS volunteer Eileen Bornstein returned to the McDonaldís and rescued the fourth kitten.
All are warm, safe and together away from the cold and the threat of predators and in the care of a loving ICS foster mom. Little McFlurry, Big Mac, Nugget, Ronald and Cookie are finding out what it means to be safe and warm, to have enough to eat, to play and to know love and companionship.
This amazing rescue is just one of many the ICS has performed in 2010. We have saved many cats and kittens from starving or freezing or worse from being killed by predators. We at the Independent Cat Society continue to work tirelessly to help as many cats and kittens as we can but we need the publicís help too.
We also cannot forget the many loving trusting shelter cats that depend on us for everything while they wait for a home of their own. With the new year upon us, we need your support whether in the form of a monetary donation, donation of supplies or bedding for our cats or even just your valuable time helping to care for and socialize our many cats and kittens so they can find a home of their own. Times are hard for all of us and that makes anything you can do to help us even more precious.
For more information or to find out how you can help the Independent Cat Society, call 785-4936, or visit www.catsociety.org.

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