Celebrate National Mentoring Month

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What is a mentor?
Mentors can be found in many settings. Mentors may guide another individual in a process or culture. Mentors uphold standards and are a pivotal force for someone in the context of this role.  Mentors may be renown on a large scale or simply an individual we respect in the context of everyday life.
Regardless of the setting, mentors are always someone another person looks up to and desires to emulate in some way.
Thus the premise that became a foundation for Discoveries Unlimited. Discoveries Unlimited is dedicated to quality mentors who have passion for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) occupations. These mentors offer young women career information about STEM occupations both by engaging in experiences and by offering knowledge and information about these industries.
As bonds begin to form between trained mentors and their mentees, trust quickly follows. With trust comes the opening of the mind and the realization of possibilities. Possibilities lead to realistic planning and futures that are enriched by a belief in oneself. Mentors come in all types, but those who have stepped into this role with Discoveries Unlimited are not cause oriented; rather have made the commitment to give young women a current belief in the possibilities and a consideration for STEM careers in the future.
The workforce of the 21st century is in need of well-trained professionals in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Yet students often do not follow these career paths for a variety of reasons including lack of knowledge of the opportunities that lie within these fields.
The future of our children and of the economy depends on education and advancement in STEM fields, which requires preparing students academically and professionally with the support of the parents, businesses, schools and the local community.
Headquartered in Valparaiso, Discoveries Unlimitedís initial program serves girls in the Northwest Indiana area at this time. Our program includes female students in grades sixth through eighth who have an interest in a STEM field. We hope to provide services in all of Indiana within a few years and nationally in the long term.
We recruit mentors on an ongoing basis. If you are a professional currently employed in, or retired from, a career in any STEM field, and if you have a willingness to share your knowledge and career experience to help foster and sustain anotherís interest in your career, you are a potential mentor for Discoveries Unlimited.
Discoveries Unlimited will provide in-depth initial training on mentoring and the roles and responsibilities of a mentor. We will also provide online training and support throughout the year.
Our mentors and mentees commit to a semester-long mentoring relationship, with an option to continue each semester. This includes weekly contact, either face-to-face or through e-mail, and a monthly face-to-face meeting.
We are seeking individuals who have a genuine concern for supporting and helping to develop todayís girls into tomorrowís STEM industry leaders. For more information about Discoveries Unlimited or the STEM program, call 219-508-5606, e-mail discoveriesunlimited@gmail.com, or visit www.discoveriesunlimited.org.

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