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This month’s Portage Rittenhouse Senior Spotlight is on resident Bruce Ayers
He was born on Aug., 1913 and has lived in Rittenhouse since 2010.
Bruce was born and raised in Roanoke, Ind., in the two-story farm house his family managed. He had two brothers and graduated from high school with a class of 17 boys and 17 girls. He went to school in a horse-drawn school buggy. Their farm didn’t have tractors, but instead, horses for plowing.
He was 15 years old in 1928, when Indiana law passed that you had to have a driver’s license to drive. Bruce had already been driving; in fact, he’d drive to school at age 9, and had a job delivering groceries at age 12!
Bruce was a part of the 152 Infantry Band when he was drafted into the service, spending two years overseas during World War II. He has had an assortment of jobs from shoveling sugar beets, pumping gas (when gas was 16 cents a gallon), driving freight and semi trucks, being an inspector in a war plane factory and, finally, starting and owing Ayer’s Realty in the Miller Beach area.
Back in 1941, Bruce hopped on his motorcycle to visit some friends. When he got there, instead of his friends being there, out came a pretty girl. She told him that he would have no trouble finding his friends, as it was a small town in Mississippi.
He then asked her, “Ever go for a ride on one of these?” pointing towards his motorcycle. She replied, “No, didn’t think I ever wanted to.” Later, with his friends,
he saw the pretty girl again, with her sister.
He asked again. “You sure you don’t want to ride?” Her sister insisted that she go for a ride with Bruce. .. 13 months later, they were married and she rode with him everywhere. Bruce was married to Lura Mae for 52 years.
Now, Bruce enjoys all types of Ballroom Dancing. He started dancing in 1955. Ironically, he has discovered he is living in the same community with a man he knew that used to be a square-dance caller, as well as another that used to also dance in the same group as Bruce many years ago.
Bruce says his church has been a major influence in his life. He is a Methodist. His family was Methodist as was his wife’s family. He has met most of his friends in life through church. Another interesting life fact is three people from same church pew are currently living at Rittenhouse.
Bruce has three children, four grandchildren and three great- grandchildren.

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