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Helped with an ambulance bill

A client of this insurance agency had a problem with an ambulance bill from the city of Hobart.

The senior citizen client got the bill totaling $152 for an ambulance ride in January. The client obtained a Medicare supplement insurance policy with Equitable Life & Casualty Insurance Company through this insurance agency. Equitable is a good insurance company; I contacted its claims department and learned that it never got this claim from Medicare.

To help our client, I wrote to the firm that bills for ambulance service from the city of Hobart. In the letter, I explained that our client’s insurance company never got the claim from Medicare. I requested that certain essential information about the claim be sent directly to the insurance company.

As long as this is done, I am confident that the insurance company will pay according to the policy contract.

Remember that a Medicare supplement insurance policy never pays anything unless the insurance company gets a ruling on the claim from Medicare. Medicare must approve the claim before the insurance company will pay anything. So, making sure that the insurance company gets a copy of the ruling by Medicare is essential.

Widower Worried by hospital bill

On Feb. 23, the son of a deceased client visited our office to get my help. His mother had died on Nov. 30 and the widower, his father, was worried about a bill from the hospital with a balance of $1,100.

“I’ve tried to get this matter settled,” the son explained. “I talked to the hospital and asked why they wouldn’t work to fix the bill problem. They said that we had to contact whoever to get the bill problem fixed. Their job was to collect on the bill.”

I copied the bill, researched our records to learn which insurance company was contracted with the deceased client, and contacted that insurance company to learn what it knew about the bill.

The insurance company reported it never got the claim from Medicare. You can’t blame an insurance company for not paying a bill it never got from Medicare.

To help the family of our client, I typed a letter to the hospital to explain what had happened and requested that the hospital send certain essential information about the unpaid bill directly to the client’s insurance company for processing. That will solve the problem.

If I had not worked to solve this problem, the widower would have been hounded by collectors to pay a $1,100 bill which should have gone to the insurance company. How much is the peace of mind for the widower and his family worth?

My help to both of these seniors and their family was free of charge. Senior Care Insurance Services gives this kind of assistance to its senior citizen clients without any extra charge. The owners of this insurance agency care about the senior citizen clients whom we serve. We do our best to serve our clients well.

Does your insurance agency give you or your senior citizen relatives and friends this high level of service?

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