The Story behind the Midwest Fashion Week

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In 2006, Berny Martin founded the Midwest Fashion Week, to create a solid foundation from which new and established fashion designers, photographers, models, and stylists could develop their talent and their lines. Heading into its fifth year, Martin is the proud visionary that remains committed to raising the profile of the Indianapolis fashion industry.

Born in Haiti, Martin’s father often encouraged him to create his own business. Little did he or Martin know that a simple fashion show in college would eventually lead to Midwest Fashion Week, let alone his own clothing line, Catou.72

Martin’s vision with MFW is to invite the world to discover a city full of talented fashion industry professionals, in a city that just happens to be in the Midwest. Martin knows many people believe the best talent is only to be found in major metropolitan cities; he also knows many people are mistaken.

Like diamonds in the rough, he sets out twice a year to help artists and designers shine. Today MFW attracts attention and interest from around the globe. With emerging talent shaping the future of fashion and established marquees furthering their passion and creativity, there is no better fashion event in the Midwest than the MFW.

What makes MFW so special is Martin’s unique commitment to both sides of the fashion industry – from the creative process to the business imperatives that make a successful line possible. Inspired by his grandparent’s charity and giving, Martin is focused on education for young designers to discover how to take their creative energy and turn it into creative success.

Through MFW, Martin is able to serve the community; using fashion as a vehicle for job creation, industry innovation, community outreach and cause awareness. Community awareness is what leads Martin to volunteer in the community by mentoring high school students and contributing to charitable fashion events.

MFW has donated to many organizations over the years including AFC Ambassador for Children, Y-me breast cancer foundation, Autism Society of America, Nafasi Project, and Cara Charities.

MFW exists beyond the two-week event inspiring others it led to the creation of a Fashion Liaison by Develop Indy after the March 2010 MFW. The Fashion Liaison works to further the development of the fashion industry in Indianapolis. MFW also inspired the creation of an organization for fashion professionals in 2010. Their goal is to support the development of local talent across a wide array of fashion-industry careers.

By taking a passionate stance in support of the artists and designers that make great fashion possible, Martin has managed to awaken a sleeping giant through Midwest Fashion Week. Nearly five years ago few people realized just how much fashion was happening in the Midwest, now it is undeniably visible, and so are the artists and creators that make it all possible.

For more information about Midwest Fashion Week, visit www.midwestfashionweek.com.

Midwest Fashion Week 2011

Midwest Fashion Week, an Indianapolis-based production company, has released a powerful lineup for a week of fashion-related events taking place in the Indianapolis area. With the theme Fashion For a Purpose, the event begins March 12 and wraps up on March 19.

This year’s events will include a diversity and inclusion luncheon, children’s fashion show and companies promoting local sports, restaurants, artists, boutiques and, of course, talented new designers. The finale will be a gala held in the Indiana Roof Ballroom, complete with exquisite dining and a stylish fashion show.

Proceeds from the various events will support Down Syndrome Indiana, The Arts Council of Indianapolis, The Indianapolis International Film Festival, and The International Center of Indianapolis.

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