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This column is a guide only for the general population, not all practice is good for everybody, please consult with your health practitioner before engaging in physical movement and positions. Having a physical presence with a teacher is always best but these instructions can offer a guide to the basic practice of yoga and the poses.

Longing for H“OM”E

Where did the time go? It seems as though we were just digging out of two feet of snow and now we are basking in the heat. Although time is a perception, as I have learned over and over in my metaphysical studies, it is still quite relevant in this physical dimension. I show up on time for my classes, my meetings, and I check the time regularly to make sure I am in sync with the rest of the world around me. But my internal clock is longing for a different rhythm, the rhythm that to me, feels like home. In my early years, home was either distressing or always changing. I understood in the beginning of my yoga studies that if I wanted to feel grounded I needed to find home within myself.

There is a vibrational tone in the yoga world known as “OM” and it represents the ultimate universal tone. This tone is actually; “A U M”, and when strung together they sound like “OM”. When we make this sound, it offers the mind a focus and the sound vibrates in the body which allows us to feel, well let’s just say, incredible! When I sit in meditation and chant “AUM” I go to a place that has no physical space or time connected to it.

I recently returned from a three-day silent meditation retreat. In those three days I was able to reconnect to that deeper space I call home for a lengthy and what I call a luxurious time. There, I am nurtured and held in the comfort of cosmological arms and sacred space, all the while feeling supported by the earth. It is in this space that I come to know true freedom and what we as yogis know as Samadhi (enlightenment), the eighth limb of yoga.

Now I am not able to take these retreats as often as I want or need to, and rarely have the time to meditate or practice my yoga as long as I would enjoy. Like most of us I live in the world of time restraints but I can find my home in my “OM” and it takes but a few seconds to get there. When my life spins out of control and I start to feel intolerant or fragmented, that is my signal to go home, maybe for a moment, maybe longer. Home is where I vacation, restore, renew and long to be. So now no matter where I end up on this planet everywhere I go I know I can go h“om”e in a moment.

The Practice:

n Find a quiet space to sit, on the floor or a chair.

n Or this can be done anywhere you feel confident to lift your voice and you can also recite it to yourself silently, the mind still hears it!

n Allow yourself to draw inward on reflection, take a deep belly breath and on the exhalation let out the vowel sound of “ah”, then connect “uu” following by “mmmm”…if this feels to awkward as it can with beginning chanters, just say “OOOOOMMMMMM” as long as the breath can extend it and repeat over and over until you feel at hOMe.

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