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by Cynthia Smith

At a time when we are feeling uncertain of ourselves or unbalanced, we may need to seek an inner perspective. We have all had times when we may regret having said or done something. We all make mistakes and these are all part of life’s lessons, but not always easy.

Can we move forward or do we stay stuck? Being stuck in the shadow of our 1st Chakra (muladhara) keeps us a victim.Chakra’s (translated as spinning wheels or vortices of energy) are believed to hold the key to many aspects of our lives; physically, emotionally, and mentally.

There are seven major chakras and they are located along the spine starting at the tail and rising just above the head. These seven main chakras eventually connect to thousands of energy channels, also recognized as meridians.

When I first started to study the chakras many years ago I realized I had issues in all of them, and most of my chakras were blocked which created chaos in my life.

Opening up these vortices has liberated me in so many ways. One of those ways was how I use to carry guilt which kept me in the victim state, the shadow of the 1st Chakra (muladhara).

I could be as innocent as a new fawn and if someone pointed a finger accusing me of something that I did not do, I could somehow still feel guilty.

Although, I would never confess to something I did not do and adamantly defend my innocence I would still somehow feel like I had done something wrong, otherwise why would someone accuse me of it. I did not realize when I was younger that maybe my accuser had poor judgment.

And when I did make a mistake I used to beat myself up with it and carry it around with me mulling it over and over.

Now when I make a mistake, I take full responsibility and address it accordingly; I then forgive myself and move on.

Of course it is important to note how we arrived at making our mistakes, as this helps us to navigate away from making the same one again, but regardless of how we got there we need to take steps away from the whipping post so we can move forward and keep from getting stuck and being a victim.

Our practice this month:  Inner Perspective; to seek balance from within; 

Stand in mountain pose, feet hips width apart;

Soften the knees a bit so the weight rests into the feet;

Center the hips;

Lengthen the spine upright; 

Lift through the back of the neck, reaching through the top of the head;

Bring the fingertips and thumbs touching together but palms apart (this is a brain exercise that connects left/right brain communications);L

et the hands rest together down at the belly; 

Feel yourself grounded through the feet and lifted at the top of the head;

Feel all of the energy channels rise up and down the spine with each deepening breath, extend the energy to rise up from the feet and beyond the top of the head;

Now close the outer eyes and find balance from within, feel your center and certainty;

CAUTION: if you start to feel dizzy or wobbly and cannot stabilize yourself with the breath, open the eyes…this takes some practice; You can also do this from a sitting position.

Remember Forgiveness is Freedom, for self and others.

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