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by Nicholas Serrano

According to the United States Center for Disease Control, on average, one-third of Americans are overweight or obese.

In Indiana that number hovers between 25 to 29 percent. It’s a staggering number to consider. Roughly one out of every four people in this state is dealing with a living condition capable of killing them in variety of ways.

One team of dedicated doctors from St. Mary Medical Center in Hobart is combining two formerly opposing obesity treatments to form a winning treatment process.

The group, operating out of Hobart, is known as the Healthy 4 Life team. Its goal is to help overweight and obese patients get their lives back in check and their weight back under control through a combination of life style education and, if necessary, surgical procedures.

Comprised of Lisa Almaraz, R.N., C.B.N., Hung Dang, D.O., Laurie Edwards, R.N., C.B.N., Lorri Field, R..N., Kathryn Lipari, R.D., Holly Raimondi, P.A.-C., Omar Shamsi, M.D. and Paul Stanish, M.D., F.A.C.S.,the Healthy 4 Life team has decades of experience helping patients not only successfully meet their weight loss goals but maintain sustained weight loss in the months and years following treatments. Sustaining weight loss requires education, it requires helping people understand what factors in their lives need to be adjusted.

“If you talk to most people about their idea of going out to eat, they want the highest level of food for their dollar, they believe that’s quality,” said Stanish.

“To tell people that they have to go buy green vegetables, fresh fruits, fresh fish, clean meats, most people don’t have the time, knowledge or desire to do that. Many people think some foods are ok when they are not. Sometimes it’s due to advertising other times it can be cultural views on food. We also talk about the necessity of exercise.”

What makes the Healthy 4 Life program unique, according to Stanish, is because it is a dual program, combing surgical and non-surgical weight loss methods. Working together compliments the program nicely.

Before surgery, patients go through the non-surgical program.

Helping them understand what foods are hindering their weight loss efforts, what foods will support it, portion control, liquid caloric intake, sleep regulation, regular and consistent exercise, all delivered in a patient-by-patient customized basis. Following the classes and seminars, patients sit down with the doctors and it is determined, if necessary, what surgical weight-loss procedure suits them best.

The Healthy 4 Life team offers the gastric sleeve, gastric bypass and the gastric band in its surgical weight loss procedure repertoire. To aid in sustained weight loss, once the procedure is complete continued classes and seminars are offered to patients to keep focus steady and goals high.

“We utilize non-surgical weight loss programs for patients who have gone through procedures, lost weight and want to lose more weight. When we started that comprehensive program a couple years ago it was only being offered in several places around the country,” said Stanish.

“Meal replacement shakes, which offer lower calories but include all the nutrients they need. Some patients only need lifestyle changes, some use that plus meal replacements, some with appetite suppressions drugs, sometime all three.”

Finding physicians who will partner like this is difficult, essentially combining two opposing views and practices on weight loss in order to offer the best of both worlds to patients.

The Healthy 4 Life team and St. Mary Medical Center is offering one of the area’s most comprehensive weight loss programs.

Anyone interested in scheduling an appointment or seeking for additional information can call 219-947-6122 or toll free at 1-866-224-2059.They can also be reached by visiting www.Healthy4LifeCenter.org or 1400 S. Lake Park Ave., Suite 200, in Hobart.

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