Pirate Month at the Independent Cat Society

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by Dorothy Ripperdan

September is Pirate Month.

The cats and volunteers of the Independent Cat Society want to invite you to come out to our shelter in Westville and meet our great “Little Pirates.” This month, we feature the adoptable cats that have problems with their eyes in some way. So, as designated “pirate cats’’ without the actual eye patches, we hope what is sometimes viewed as a negative can be reframed in a positive way. These little buccaneers are all wonderful cats and would love to be adopted into their very own home.

Our little pirates are neither treacherous nor bloodthirsty, just simply cats in need of a family or someone to love.

Too often, these wonderful cats are overlooked or walked away from simply because they are not “perfect.” They do not require anything more than the patience and love of a family to be happy. They just have had the misfortune to have something happen that caused either the loss of or a malformation of an eye.

This does not make them less loveable or sweet.

Take for example, Cap’n No Pity Kitty. He is a really sweet cat that had the misfortune to develop a condition in his eye that could not be cleared up with medicine or treatments, so the eye had to be removed. Coupled with the fact he is FIV-positive limits his chances for adoption.

Such is also the case with Hack ’um & Hang ’um Hope. She is another FIV-positive cat who developed an infection in her eye, which could not be cleared up with medicines and resulted in the loss of an eye. But that does not slow this petite little sweetheart down. She has so much love to give that it is truly a shame she is so often overlooked.

Pirate Queen Blood-Lettin’ Tessa

is anything but mean or dastardly. She is simply another petite sweet female cat who is passed over simply because she is missing an eye. If someone would just give her a chance she would show them just how loving she could be. She only wants to be your ”someone special.”

Then there is Cloudy-Eyed Lefty and Mad Chester Squint. Neither of these great cats has had to lose an eye, but do have eye malformations that cause them to be cloudy or to squint.

Lefty is an older boy who would love a family that would just spend time with him and brush him and make him feel extra special.

Chester is a semi-feral cat that we have found out just recently loves to have attention lavished on him. His room mom/girlfriend has really made a difference in his demeanor and Chester is fast becoming one of the lovers of the shelter. And for a person that understands feral behavior he would be a wonderful forever friend.

So come out and meet these wonderful ‘pirates’ and let them steal your heart away. Maybe you are the one they are waiting for and maybe you will be the one to make their wishes for a family and a home of their own come true.

Adoption/visiting hours at the shelter are Saturdays from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. and Sundays from 1-4 p.m. We are located at Route 6 and County Line Road in Westville.

During the month, the Pirate Month theme continues in the shelter.

Maybe you will find some of the Zao Island tokens hidden, or be the lucky winner of the raffle for the Kitty Pirate Ship.

The weekend of Sept. 24-25, we will offer Pirate’s Swill for refreshment and you can try your luck at the Wheel of Booty for a great prize.

If you want to help the cats you can go to our websitewww.catsociety.org and check out our wish list and bring your donations to the shelter to put them into our “Pirate chest.”


We also accept monetary donations to help us care for the kitties. Send them to the Independent Cat Society, PO Box 735, Westville, IN  46391 or go to the website click on the Paypay symbol and follow the directions to make a donation.


The cats and kittens of the Independent Cat Society and all the volunteers thank you in advance.


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Dorothy Ripperdan is the publicity coordinator as well as a volunteer at the Independent Cat Society Inc., located on Route 6 at the Porter/LaPorte County Line Road in Westville. For more information about any of the cats featured in her stories, call the shelter at 219-785-4936.

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