Pledge one more thing to recycle on America Recycles Day

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November 15 is America Recycles Day, a great time to learn about the recycling options in your community. This year, take the America Recycles Day pledge and commit to reduce your personal waste by recycling a new type of material within the next month.

For example, if you have been inadvertently collecting plastic grocery bags with no idea what to do with them, don’t throw them in the trash. Pledge to start recycling your collection of plastic grocery bags. The following stores in Porter County accept these bags for recycling:  Portage or Valparaiso Wal-mart or Town and Country Food Market; Jewel in Chesterton; or Target. If you discover any other stores that accept plastic bags, give the District a call, and we’ll add them to our list of resources, 219-465-3694.

Perhaps for America Recycles Day you want to commit to recycling old cell phones and accessories, inkjet/toner cartridges or household batteries? There are many places around Porter County that house funky tri-bin receptacles we call CRIB. (Cell phone, Recycling, Inkjet/toner cartridges, and Batteries) that accept these materials. CRIBs are found at these locations:

• St. Teresa of Avila, 1511 Laporte Ave., Valparaiso

• Wal-Mart, 2400 Morthland Drive, Valparaiso

• Porter County Administrative Building, 155 Indiana Ave., Valparaiso

• Valparaiso Compost Site, 2150 W. Lincolnway

• Boone Grove Compost Site, 546 S. 400 W., Valparaiso

• Portage Wal-mart, 6087 U.S. 6

• Chesterton Jewel, 747 Indian Boundary Road

• Patz’s Market, 800 Country Square Plaza, Hebron

• Opportunity Enterprises, 2801 Evans Ave., Valparaiso

• Kouts True Value, 204 South Main St.

• The Valparaiso 5/3 Bank, 56 Washington St., accepts cell phones and accessories and inkjet/toner cartridges only.

Get your family involved and take the America Recycles Day 2011 pledge today: http://americarecyclesday.org/pledge/. By recycling just one more item beyond your norm, you’ll change your family’s waste habits, be a role model for your kids and make a difference! Encourage your friends to do the same.

When in doubt about recycling certain materials, contact your county solid waste management district:

•Lake County: 219-769-3820, lcswmd@lcswmd.com

•LaPorte County: 219-326-5310, pschuster@csinet.net

•Porter County: 219-465-3694, info@ItMeansTheWorld.org

•Return unusable smoke detectors to manufacturers

Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday, Nov. 6, so it’s time to “fall back,” or move your clocks back one hour at 2 a.m., or before you go to bed on Nov. 5.

If your fire department hasn’t yet reminded you, let me be the first to jog your memory that this also is the time of year to replace the batteries in your smoke detectors, which have useful lives of approximately 10 years. If you know your smoke detectors are more than 10 years old, be safe and replace them.

What do you do with old smoke detectors? Smoke detectors should never be thrown away in the trash because many of them contain a small amount of radioactive material, which is what detects the presence of smoke or heat sources. It is this material that also makes smoke detectors a bad idea for landfills.

The best way to recycle your old smoke detectors is to send them back to the manufacturers. Carbon monoxide detectors, however, can be thrown in the trash safely.

Resources you can use to safely dispose of smoke detectors include:




If you have any questions, call the Recycling and Waste Reduction District of Porter County, 219-465-3694.

Compost live fall decorations

Fall is harvest time, and many residents use pumpkins, gourds and corn to decorate for the autumn season.  As you tear down your live fall decorations to prepare for Christmas, please don’t throw them in with your trash where they will take up valuable space in a landfill. These items can be composted to create wonderful fertilizer for gardens come spring!

Porter County residents who don’t compost in their backyards can bring their live fall decorations to either public compost site, and we’ll add them to the compost windrows to make a great product for residents:

•Valparaiso Site, 2150 W. Lincolnway (Indiana 130 – 1 mile west of intersection with Joliet). Regular hours: weekdays, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; Saturdays, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

•Boone Grove Site, 546 S. 400 W.  (Hwy 8 to 400 West, head north to 550 South). Regular hours: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, noon-5 p.m.; Saturdays, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

The last day of the 2011 regular season for the compost sites is Saturday, Dec. 3. The sites close until next year.

Have a happy and safe Halloween.

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