Short Takes: November 9, 2011

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The holiday season is upon us once again and as always, it is important to remember and be thankful for what we have and to help those less fortunate than ourselves. As we have done for the last fifteen years, the Portage Utility Service Board is asking for help in supplying some families in our community with a Christmas tree to celebrate the holiday season. We are asking for any decorations, garland, tree skirts, tree tops or even trees that you wish to donate. This project has always been a wonderful success and a way to support and help those whose holiday season would otherwise be less joyous. If you wish to participate in this annual project, you may drop off donations at the Portage Utility Service Board’s field division located at 2301 Hamstrom Road, Portage. The board extended a thank you for past and future support and takes comfort in the fact that somewhere a family in Portage is having a much brighter season. If you would like to help or have any questions call, 763-2986.


Visit and ‘View Purdue Cal’

Coming Up Saturday, Nov. 12

High school seniors and others who plan to attend college in January or next fall are invited to attend a “View Purdue Calumet” visitation program and open house, Saturday, Nov. 12 at 9 a.m. in the university’s Student Union and Library. The program is designed to provide attendees an overview of Purdue Calumet. Prospective students and family members will have an opportunity to meet with faculty and learn about admission qualifications and how to apply, financial aid availability, academic scholarships, and the university’s innovative experiential learning program in which each student applies traditional classroom and textbook learning to a work-related, real world experience. Additionally, a career services session will be held, as well as various academic presentations and an athletics information session. Immediately following the program an engineering open house will be held until 12:30 p.m., including lab tours, live demonstrations, opportunities to meet faculty and students and a chance to win prizes. Purdue Calumet’s campus is located at 2200 169th St. in Hammond. A campus map can be accessed at The toll-free number throughout Northwest Indiana and the nearby Illinois-Chicagoland area is 1-800-447-8738, ext. 2213. Other information is available by contacting Purdue Calumet’s Office of Admissions at 989-2213 or by visiting



Most Expansive-First Year Voucher Program

After validating data collected in the past three months, the Indiana Department of Education reports nearly 4,000 students from low- to moderate-income families are taking advantage of the Indiana Choice Scholarship program. The number represents a diverse and robust cross-section of families and schools in every region of Indiana. “Hoosier parents are more empowered than ever before in our state,” said Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Tony Bennett. “Demographics do not determine a child’s ability to grow academically and should not determine the educational opportunities offered to any student. When you connect a child’s name and face to the Choice Scholarship program, it is easy to see the transformational results of increased educational opportunities.” The Indiana Choice Scholarship program has been recognized as the widest reaching start-up voucher program in the nation. Eighty-five percent of the students come from families whose household incomes qualify them for free or reduced lunch. Just over 30 percent of students are from rural and suburban Indiana, and more than half of the students represent minority households. One of the most encouraging signs for the sustainability of the Choice Scholarship program is the robust participation from non-public schools. More than 250 schools have been recognized as Choice Scholarship schools and are able to accept students through the voucher program.  “The Choice Scholarship program embodies the principles of individual, economic and educational freedom,” Bennett said. “The goal moving forward for community stakeholders and education reformers alike must be to increase awareness in the years ahead. All Hoosier families need to know they have a say in their children’s education.”

More information about the Indiana Choice Scholarship program can be found at



Helps Owners Make Decisions

A new tool from the U.S. Department of Energy, the Vehicle Cost Calculator uses basic information about your driving habits to calculate total cost of ownership and emissions for makes and models of most vehicles, including alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles.  It is a high-level screening tool that compares the ownership costs and greenhouse gas emissions among alternative fuel vehicles, advanced technology vehicles, and conventional vehicles currently on the market. A user selects vehicles to compare by model year, make, and model. For each vehicle selected, the calculator retrieves the city and highway fuel economy from the database licensed from with data sourced from Edmunds. For most vehicles, a range of prices is possible depending on what options the buyer selects. For these vehicles, we present the possible low and high prices, and use the low price as the default value. The user may override the default price to better reflect the particular model of choice. For some models, a single price is available. As each vehicle is selected, the fuel type and price is shown below the selected vehicles. The prices are based on a national average, as reported in the quarterly Alternative Fuel Price Report. The user may change the fuel price to reflect local prices. To accurately calculate fuel costs for selected vehicles it is important to know how a user drives and how much of the vehicle’s total mileage is driven using each fuel type. This is especially important for plug-in hybrid vehicles, which operate using both gasoline and electricity from the grid. The default values provided in this section are derived from U.S. averages reported by the Summary of Travel Trends, 2001 National Household Transportation Survey. The user may tailor this information to his or her situation by modifying the supplied values Try out the Vehicle Cost Calculator by visiting:
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Play Sheds Light on Unknown Riot

The Purdue Theatre Company at Purdue Calumet is bringing a piece of unknown American history to the stage with the world premiere of Dreamland Burning, a play with music about the worst race riot in America’s history. The performance, which focuses on the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot, opens Nov. 19 at 7 p.m. on campus in YJean Chambers Hall on the third floor of the Student Union & Library. Following that performance, the audience will have an opportunity to engage in discussion with John Lisbon Wood and Tevin Thomas, author and songwriter for the show, respectively. Subsequent campus performances are scheduled Nov. 20 and 27 at 3 p.m. and Nov. 26 and Dec. 2 at 7 p.m. Tickets are $12 for adults, $10 for seniors and $5 for Purdue Calumet students with their identification card and children ages 7-12.            “Dreamland Burning is a historically accurate drama developed for the stage depicting in detail one of the most immoral, violent, bloody, and destructive racial confrontations in American history,” Wood said. best prices for all customers! does not work . top offering, litigation.   “Because it transpired almost a hundred years ago in 1921 in the oil town of Tulsa, only a select few people, both black and white, are aware of this tragedy.” Wood has accumulated an extensive list of acting credentials in both television and film. He has recently been working with the South Shore Centre for the Arts in Gary teaching a class along with Corya Kennedy Channing, director of the Purdue Theatre Company at Purdue Calumet. The songs featured in this play were written by Academy Award nominee Tevin Thomas, who wrote the song, “Raise It Up,” from the movie “August Rush.” “This is a serious play with music that tells the story about the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot,” Channing said. “It’s a good idea to visit the past to make sure it doesn’t happen again. It’s a good history lesson with an upbeat message.”


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