A Healthy Blend of Fruits and Vegetables

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An easier way to get all your vitamins and minerals

We all know that we should eat our vegetables but for some of us that just doesn’t seem like a really appetizing idea. And besides, the logic that a lot of us learned during childhood is that the worse something tastes, the better it must be for you. Fortunately, there is a way that you can get all of the important vitamins and minerals from veggies into your meals.  All you need is a blender.

The theory is pretty simple, actually. You take your vegetable of choice (spinach works well but so do carrots or any other sort of vegetable) and put it in your blender. Add a dash of water to weigh down particularly leafy veggies. Chop the vegetables and then puree until you’ve got a thick slurry.

This slurry, while it might not be very appetizing to drink, can be a great addition to a variety of dishes. Pour it into a serving of chili or cheese dip for a healthier party alternative. Add it into your Alfredo sauce so that you can have your pasta and vegetables in a single serving, with no extra chewing necessary.

The key to making vegetable puree work for you is mixing it with foods that have a hearty flavor that can completely mask the taste of the vegetables. This isn’t hard, as vegetables generally don’t have a strong taste.  What you notice most is that you have to chew and crunch them.

If you’re using this as a trick to get younger children to eat their veggies, just don’t tell them what you’re adding. After all, a little extra Velveeta in your macaroni and cheese will cover up the taste and color of the added carrots. And really, what kid wouldn’t want to eat a green meal that shouldn’t be green?

The blender can also be your friend if you’re looking for a way to increase the amount of fruit you eat. For instance, who doesn’t like a good milk shake? Well, rather than buying a mix at the store, try blending a banana, some apple juice and some vanilla ice cream (or even equal parts ice cream and yogurt if you want to be a little extra health conscious) for a cold and healthy treat. You can get creative with your choices, mixing and matching types and amounts until you get just the right flavor riding on top of dairy and a variety of vitamins.

Once you get started with this little trick, the sky is really the limit as to what healthy alternatives you can blend up and mix in with your daily meals.

Whether you want to take some drinkable strawberries for work, or you want a healthy treat to spoon up with some wheat chips while you watch the game, fitting in the proper servings of fruits and vegetables may never be a problem again.

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