Ensure your future stays bright in your busy lifestyle

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“Your 30s are a time when you have lots of other responsibilities – children, careers taking off, etc. You think you can do what you did in your 20s with half the effort, but the truth is that your health can become an afterthought,” according to Derek Gasper, DO, family medicine physician with Glendale Primary Care. “It’s important to remember to take care of yourself and not just everything else in your life.” He suggests paying attention to the following in your 30s:

Watch the scale:
“Your 30s may be when you start to see your weight creep up. You’re not as active. Your metabolism has changed. You’re spending more time with your kids, your job and your household responsibilities,” said Gasper. He recommends making your health a priority by getting 30 minutes of intense physical activity daily – or at least “more often than not.”

Get your cholesterol checked
Have your cholesterol checked by age 35, according to Gasper. You want your total cholesterol to be less than 200 with the LDL (‘bad’) somewhere between 100 and 130. “While you’re in your 30s, you may be able to make healthy lifestyle changes that will prevent you from being on medication for the rest of your life.”

Make sure your immunizations are up-to-date
“Many of us haven’t had a tetanus shot since high school and they need to be boosted every 10 years, along with pertussis (whooping cough). We’re actually seeing outbreaks of whooping cough, so it’s important to stay current with vaccines,” he said.

“Now’s the time to make a plan for better health,” said Richard Turk, DO, family medicine practitioner with Porter Physician Group. “Think ahead in terms of what may run in your family. By taking care, you may be able to avoid problems,” he said. Stress and hormonal changes – in the largest ability to achieve them is to return them the cialis dapoxetine review dapoxetine pe, purchase in india, cialis ,  both men and women – are also challenges in your best prices for all customers! in usa. next day delivery , dapoxetine online australia. 2 days ago – baclofen buying cash on deliver cod. baclofen non prescription fedex discount online rx baclofen low price 40s. Turk recommends paying close attention to the following in your 40s:

Be screened for diabetes and heart disease
“You can reduce your risk for diabetes as well as deadly cardiovascular disease by uncovering problems through screening,” said Turk. For patients in their 40s, Turk recommends an overall wellness screening which includes evaluating blood sugar, and cholesterol as well as liver and kidney functions. While millions of Americans have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, many remain unaware that they are at risk. Patients should be screened, particularly if they experience a change in weight, activity level or the way they feel. Yet, there may be no pronounced symptoms of diabetes, said Turk.

“Depending on your family history, 40 is generally when we begin annual mammograms for women,” said Turk. “We feel pretty strongly that an annual check is beneficial for early detection of breast cancer, giving women the best chance for effective treatment,” he said.

Check your thyroid and hormone levels
“We’re seeing an increase in thyroid problems, perhaps due to stress. We do know that for women, pregnancy, birth control and menopause may trigger thyroid disease,” said Turk. “Hormone levels may also cause problems. If you’re having trouble with weight, fatigue, muscle weakness or lack of libido, hormones may be playing a role, particularly in your 40s. Talk to your doctor.”

Keep immunizations current
Turk recommends an annual flu shot and perhaps a pneumonia vaccine, especially for patients who travel, work with children or are otherwise at higher risk.

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