A positive ending…and beginning

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The end of 2012 is only a few days away. Each year brings us a myriad of events, but more important, it brings us many different emotions. There are some days that routinely come and go, and we easily forget them. Then there are times and days that touch our hearts so deeply that they stay with us. There are days of great joy, such as starting that new job, or the birth of a child in the family, or spending a fun and relaxing day with someone you love.

There are also times during an year when we experience disappointment, days filled with setbacks, and days filled with sadness and sorrow. The recent tragedy at Newtown, Conn. touched us deeply. The loss of so many lives and so many children was felt in our hearts. We felt the sorrow of the town and could not imagine how or why something so terrible could happen. The hurt was greater because it happened during the holidays when we wish for more peace and happiness in our lives and the world. We wish for family sharing and joy with children during the holidays. The shock of the tragedy stayed with us for days.  Negativity and evil exist in this world, and it at times can have a powerful negative impact. Yet it is minuscule compared to the love and caring in the world. The outpouring of compassion and support throughout the country for the victims of Hurricane Sandy reminds us that there is good in the world. It reminds us of the great power of caring and love, the most positive energy in the world. When we begin to think about our past year and begin to plan our New Year’s resolutions, why not first do something positive. End the year in a positive way.  Take the opportunity these last few days of the year to do something for someone else. Yes, we gave gifts for the holidays and we gave donations, but what can you do today or tomorrow to bring joy to someone who does not expect it?

The term, random acts of kindness, is a recent phrase that means reaching out to someone and spreading joy in an unexpected way. It can be as simple as stopping to help someone carry packages, or helping to pick up something dropped, or taking a neighbor’s newspaper to their doorstep, or pulling their garbage cans up the driveway to their door. The act itself is not as important as the intention of kindness and love.

A simple smile can have a profound impact on someone’s day. It is easy to do, and can raise the spirits of people around you. Look at someone in the eyes, smile, and speak kind words. It does not take much time to do, but can make such a difference in our lives. Not only do you benefit others, but yourself too, it raises your energy level because it feels good to be kind.

When we take the time to spread joy and love through kindness it truly makes life better. It sets into motion more caring and love. A wonderful way to end the year is with positive actions and words.

Start the New Year the same way, with caring and kindness. Begin 2013 in a positive way. When you think of your resolutions for the year, consider what a difference you have made the past couple of days with your smiles, your unexpected kindness. Consider including more random acts of kindness as one of your New Year’s resolutions. You do make a difference in the world each time you take a moment to do something positive for someone else.

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