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I recently passed by the Blue Chip in Michigan City and noticed the parking lot was full.  Since I guessed that General Motors or Ford was not renting the space for the storage of unsold cars, I checked with the State of Indiana on how revenues were doing from the five gambling boats in Indiana.

The results for 2011 were $245 million, $173 million, $509 million, $112 million and $94 million for a total of $1.13 billion (that’s billion with a B).  And yes, they were down from $1.2 billion in 2010.  I believe the recession was in mid stride in 2010, so that was still a lot of money going to slot machines and blackjack, considering everyone is supposed to be broke…at least according to the nightly news.

This article is not meant to be a knock on the gambling industry.  Most of us cannot conceive of just how much money a billion is.  And most of us don’t go to the boats anyway.  I have been to the boats before.  My personal experience is that a lot of “seasoned” citizens go to the boats and many would be better served to stay away.  They are the reason for this article.

To put $1.13 billion into perspective as it relates to the cemetery and funeral industry, the average cost of a traditional funeral service and casket and cemetery property including vault, opening and closing and a flush marker averages around $10,000.  With this amount in mind, and if you can find a calculator with enough places on it to put in a billion of anything, $1.13 billion would pay for over 113,000 complete cemetery and funeral arrangements at today’s prices.  Wow.

I say “wow” because so many people come to us at their time of greatest need without the ability to design the funeral that they would like for their loved one due to lack of money.  I know from an informal survey that many of these very same people made their weekly or monthly trip to the boats in hopes of “hitting it big”.

In fact, I personally know of an elderly citizen that showed withdrawals of over $17,000 in her final year of life, all withdrawn from the boat’s ATM machine , with one or two “big jackpots” of $1,000 or $2,500 on the plus side of her gambling balance sheet.  She bragged about how she had the machines figured out, but never said how much she lost.

My point in writing this article is for you, the reader, to come in and make your cemetery and funeral arrangements first, then go have fun at the boats.  You can make arrangements with Calumet Park without paying any interest and make monthly payments that will fit almost any budget.

If you are one of those who enjoys go to the boats as a form of entertainment, you will still be able to go to the boats and play the slots to your heart’s content.  For a $10,000 cemetery and funeral package, you would only have to put $1,000 down and pay $150 per month for 60 months.   There is no credit check involved and no credit turn-downs either.

So the next time you strike it rich at the slots, take the windfall and use it for the down payment on your memorial estate.  Continue to go to the boats for your fun.  It just means that you will feel a little better on those drives home when you lost at the boats, knowing that you have a sure thing covered.

Death and taxes, folks, death and taxes…historically claimed to be the only sure things in life.  Let me let you in on a little secret, going to the boats is a form of voluntary tax since it is almost a sure thing that everyone will leave the boats without winning, and even when you do win, the IRS wants a piece of that money too.

Call us now at 219-769-8803 before you head out to the boats and let us give you peace of mind by having your final expenses bought and paid for.  Find us on Facebook at mycalumetpark or check out our website at www.calumetparkcemetery.com

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