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Pumps Fitness

Sandie Hendrix, owner of Valparaiso’s Pumps Fitness, pictured on the Core Fitness Roller

Valparaiso trainer certified in innovative fitness product.

With over 640 muscles in the human body, it can sometimes seem impossible to work every one of them. One area that often gets ignored in training is the core muscles, which stabilize and help the body move in all kinds of ways. The core, in short, is all the muscles that connect the upper and lower body together.

One of the newest pieces of equipment for working and building these important muscles is the Core Fitness Roller.  Invented by Darya Bronston, a massage therapist with a background in engineering project management, the Core Fitness Roller mimics the benefits of a massage, enhances balance, engages core muscles and strength as well as providing the ultimate resistance training workout in one portable tool.

The Core Fitness Roller reinforces core stabilization and dynamic movement by integrating vertical and horizontal balance challenge for total body workouts.  For many, the best way to maximize the roller’s benefits is with a trainer who really knows how it works. And in Northwest Indiana, that trainer is Sandie Hendrix.

Pumps Fitness

Interior of Pumps Fitness

Hendrix is the owner of Pumps Fitness, Inc. in Valparaiso, the only area facility using the Core Fitness Roller. She and her staff are certified and using the roller with Pumps’ clients.

Hendrix, however, is also the Midwest senior course trainer for the Core Fitness Roller.  That means Hendrix not only works with her own clients, she is the trainer that teaches and certifies other trainers and fitness professionals wanting to add the roller to their workout routines.

“I go to other places and other people come here as well,” Hendrix said.   When a gym expresses interest in investing in the rollers, Hendrix or another senior course trainer will visit onsite to teach and certified that gym’s trainers. In the coming year alone, Hendrix has plans to travel to New York as well as several Midwestern locales for training seminars.  Likewise, she will be hosting sessions for fitness professionals coming from throughout the country at her own Valparaiso studio.

According to Hendrix, this particular certification is just one more service that Pumps offers to people committed to really working, shaping and maintaining their bodies.  Since Pumps’ opening in 2000, Hendrix and her staff have provided specialized, personalized training for those seeking more than the occasional, one-size-fits-all approach to working out.

Pumps offers a variety of options:  Pilates Reformer and Cadillac Training, a wide range of group fitness classes and programs, personal training and now the Core Fitness Roller.

“This is really a place for someone who wants to work with a professional (trainer) or for someone who needs serious, physical aid,” Hendrix said.  She said that much of her Pumps’ client base is older people and / or those who have gone through physical therapy, recovery or requiring serious muscle maintenance.

As Hendrix explained on her website, “Pumps Fitness is a casual, friendly environment where our main focus is on our clients.  Our personal trainers use the newest methods of training. Our main focus is to help each client reach their goals.  Fun and innovative training techniques, creative group fitness programs and Pilates reformer training are just a few of your choices.  Our certified staff of instructors will take your fitness to a new level. Whether you are looking for assistance with weight loss, post-rehab, strength and flexibility, or just to achieve a healthier you, Pumps Fitness is here to help you meet your fitness goals.”

In addition to the flexibility of its services, Pumps also structures payments differently than other gyms. There is no initiation fee and there’s no commitment to a contract. Clients can come in for a session, pay by the class or get a personalized schedule where they can come to do whatever they want.  Just as with the services provided, Pumps Fitness is there to tailor itself to what each client needs.

“Our goal is to be the best hour of your day,” Hendrix said.

Pumps Fitness, Inc. is located at 3206 Cascade Drive, suite F, in Valparaiso. For more information on Pumps Fitness, visit www.pumpsfitnessinc.com or call 219-548-3480.  For more information on the Core Fitness Roller, visit www.corefitnessroller.com.
Core Fitness Roller
video demonstration.

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