Heat wave, crime wave Security experts offer tips for protecting your property during the summer months

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As the temperatures rise, incidents of crime increase, too.

Signal 88 Security, a private security company comprised of more than 100 locally-owned franchises across the U.S., encourages residents to take a few precautions to protect their property.

“Unfortunately, criminals historically take advantage of the crime opportunities summer provides,” said Joel Brumlik of Signal 88 Security serving Chicago. “Making modifications to your home or apartment now can prevent you from becoming a victim later.”

recommends focusing on three areas of your residence to keep yourself and your property safe this season.

Inside Your Residence:

•Make sure dead-bolt locks are installed on all outside doors. They should not require a key from inside so that they’re easy to unlock if you need to get out quickly in case of a fire or other emergency.

•Install peepholes on your outside doors so you don’t have to open them to see who’s on the other side. If your outside door has window panels on the side, cover them with blinds or curtains to keep out unwanted eyes.

•Keep your blinds or curtains closed when you’re not home, especially on your main or ground-level floor.

•If you have a sliding glass door, consider adding a defense other than the standard lock, such as blocking the track or installing a protective film that prevents the glass door from being smashed in.

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•Trim bushes and maintain landscaping to avoid creating unwanted hiding places for would-be intruders.

•The exterior of your property should be well lit. Consider installing motion detector lights.

•Be on the lookout for graffiti tags and vandalism and fix it as soon as it happens by replacing signs, painting over it or making repairs as necessary.

•Report suspicious activity to your property manager, HOA or local law enforcement.

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•Always lock your vehicle, roll up windows and keep valuables out of sight, no matter where you park. This includes everything from high-dollar items, such as your cell phone or laptop, down to the change in your cup holder.

•In any parking lot, park under a light, if possible.

•If you have a garage door, always close it. Empty garages are an invitation for thieves to steal tools and other valuables.

•Lock the door from your garage to your home. Remove your garage door opener from your car if you need to park outside overnight.

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