Waiting is the hardest part – Keep positive and productive while on the job hunt

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Waiting is a difficult to do whether you are a child or an adult.

When you are a kid, waiting a month for your birthday to finally arrive feels like an eternity.  When you are an adult, waiting to find out if you are hired for a job can be agonizing. Waiting for a job offer, especially for that job you really want, is the one of the most difficult times to be patient.

There are plenty of situations in our lives that cause us to wait, but usually we know about how long the wait will be. You know that it will be six weeks until a cast is removed or nine days until you leave for vacation. Those are times when you can count down and know that the day you are waiting for is coming soon.

When you are job hunting, you do not know when you will hear those precious words that you got the job. It can take weeks or months to find a job and, if you are unemployed, it is an especially stressful process.

If you have had an interview and are excited about the prospect of being hired, then first, congratulations! Congratulations that you were selected to be interviewed. Take the time to pat yourself on the back for that and feel encouraged that things are moving your way.

The wait comes next. Unfortunately, it is a reality that companies are slow in making their decisions. I was once interviewed and not hired until six months later. If you interview and have not heard anything, it does not necessarily mean that you did not get the job.

It does mean, however, that you need to follow up with an email or a phone call in a reasonable amount of time. If you have heard nothing from the company and it has been two weeks since you interviewed, then you have waited enough time to reach out to your interviewer.

Unfortunately, making a call or sending an email does not guarantee that you will get your answer or even a return call or email. It very often still puts you back to waiting. Not knowing when or what the outcome will be can cause great frustration. Your frustration can grow until you feel like a tiger in a cage, pacing back and forth, waiting to be released to the grassy area where a feast of meat has been set out.

Stress and frustration is not healthy. We know this but it is not always easy to release stress. There are some simple steps to take when you are waiting. This helps anytime that you do not know how long your wait will be, not just when you are job hunting.

First, realize that each day is bringing you closer to the end of your frustration. You may not know when you will hear an answer to your long awaited question, but today is closer to that end than yesterday.

Next, find something productive to do to keep occupied. Do not allow yourself time to sit for hours and worry; that won’t do much except increase your stress level. Instead, find something to do that is enjoyable, that will lift your spirits. Maybe it’s a walk around the neighborhood to look at what new growth spring is bringing. Getting up and going outside can truly be a breath of fresh air and feel so rejuvenating.

You may choose to do something that you have been putting off but need to do. Purging your desk drawers or cleaning out any cluttered area will leave you with a real sense of accomplishment. It will reduce your stress, too, the next time you use your desk or want to find something.

It is always important to make use of your time. We spend much time thinking and planning for the future. We forget to grab hold of today–of this moment– and take pleasure in what we have right now. Our worries of today will eventually leave, but with it the days and months pass, too.

The job will come, one day, maybe not the exact one you are wanting, but it will happen. While you wait and find productive things to do, be sure to look for other job openings. Even if you are so sure that you will get that job, keep looking. Send out three or five more resumes. Apply for a couple more positions online.

Then, if that job you were expecting does not come through, you know you have already started looking for the next opportunity. You will be disappointed, sure, but you will not also have the disappointment of losing all that time while you were waiting to hear if you got the job. When you are job hunting, always keep looking for a job, even after interviews.

Remember to always take time to enjoy today and do something productive either for yourself or for someone else.  As each day passes, be at peace and be content knowing that you spent your time well.


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