Will new siding help with your energy bills?

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When you decide to buy new siding for your home, you are making a big decision that is going to require you to make a few important choices. Some of these choices could be vital to helping decrease your energy bills so it is important to pay close attention to the choices that are being offered.

Whether you are building a new home or are remodeling your current home, new siding has the potential to reduce your energy bills through a variety of means.

Of course, you will need to choose a good contractor to help you with the job and which type of siding you want to have installed. But be sure to insist on having some sort of insulation installed underneath your new siding as this is one of the best ways to dramatically increase the energy efficiency of your siding and your home in general.

New siding vs. old siding

Installing new siding is one of the best opportunities a homeowner can have to add extra insulation to their home.

Once your home has been built it can be very inconvenient and costly to add more insulation to the interior spaces; you would have to somehow open your walls back up so that you could put new insulation in place of what is already there.

When the old siding is removed you will be able to see where you could have exterior insulation installed before your new siding goes on. Why not make this small investment which can really pay off in the long run? New siding combined with good exterior insulation can dramatically reduce your home’s energy bills and help your home look its best in the bargain.

How does new siding with insulation help to reduce my energy bills?

In short, the insulation blocks the transfer of energy between the interior and exterior of your home; the siding helps to protect this insulation and the rest of your home from exposure to the elements.

Siding can also help to block the rays of the sun which can result in more energy savings through reduced heat transfer from sunlight. When they work together, siding and insulation can cause you to see a drop in your energy bills because you will need less energy overall to keep your home at a temperature that is comfortable for you.

This is accomplished through something builders call blocking the thermal bridge which is a name for the transfer of energy (often in the form of heat) back and forth between the interior of your home and the air outside.

On sunny days, the siding on your home can help to block the heat from the sun’s rays from reaching the inside of your home; it is not uncommon for siding to reach 190 degrees. If this heat were to reach completely inside your home it would be unlivable, and thus having good siding can help keep your family comfortable for a long time to come.

If you choose to augment your siding selection with insulation then these benefits can be amplified even more. Most types of siding (and insulation) help you to save a little bit on your energy bills no matter what but some combinations are ideal for one another and can result in even larger savings overall.

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Make sure to call Style-Craft before getting started on your project. They will need to remove your old siding and any existing insulation before anything new can be installed and they can likely identify any areas that you can address to improve the energy efficiency of your home even more which will, of course, result in even greater overall energy savings after your new siding is installed.

For all of your siding, roofing, gutter, window and door needs, call Style-Craft for your free consultation with our expert project managers today. Call 219-696-1266 or visit www.stylecraftremodeling.com to read more about our products and services

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