Brickies Gyros Serving up quality Chicago-style food from the Hobart lakefront

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Lana Wuest and her husband Aaron opened Brickies Gyros in downtown Hobart this past July. They love the diversity and sense of community the area offers and look forward to meeting new customers every day.

Lana Wuest and her husband Aaron wanted to open a restaurant in Hobart.  They were searching for the perfect location when they learned that the previous owner of Brickies Gyros never opened up. They loved the lakefront location and idea of being just a block from Main Street in downtown Hobart, so they decided to go for it and opened with a ribbon cutting ceremony this past July.

“One thing happened after another, it was really just perfect timing,” Wuest said. “We really, truly enjoy this community. It has a nice hometown feeling, it’s very diverse and there’s always something going on. We’re just so excited about being here.”

Wuest said the other thing that she loves about the town is how much they support pets and pet owners because she is a huge advocate for animals. She has information from local shelters pinned to a bulletin board in the dining area and said they always try to donate and give back to help the animals.

While her husband still works another job, Wuest left her job in the medical field but was not content sitting at home every day. The husband and wife team ran a tavern in Chicago in the past so they decided to use that knowledge to bring real Chicago-style food – the food they grew up on – to the area.

“We strongly believe that serving quality food at an affordable price is what will get people talking and get them to come back in again,” she said.

“We’ll throw some fries in with an order where most other places will make you pay for them, because we don’t have a corporate office telling us what we can and can’t do. It’s just one of the perks of working for yourself.”

Wuest said she has always enjoyed that her jobs allowed her to interact with people, but opening up her own restaurant has really allowed her to reach out and get to know her customers. She knows many of them by name and said she always looks forward to seeing the familiar faces and hearing about their day.

Customer reviews on the restaurant’s Facebook page attest to Wuest’s emphasis on customer service.

“This place has amazing food! The owner is a very kind person as well and greets you with a smile!” one customer wrote.

“Awesome food, Lana is a great person!” said another.

A third customer echoed the others by simply saying “Great food awesome service!”

Being located right by Lake George, Wuest even reaches out to the fishermen who frequent the lakefront to let them know she will deliver food right to their fishing spot if they call in an order. She even walks down to the dock to meet those fishermen who are out on a boat for the day.

Wuest said that since the location was closed for some time, one of their main challenges is making people aware that they’re open again. But she believes that getting out in the community and talking to people is the best way to tackle that issue. She travels around personally dropping off menus, attends community events and is an active member of the Hobart Chamber of Commerce.

“The support from the people in the community as well as other businesses and even town hall has been great so far,” she said.

“This is a neighborhood,” she continued. “It’s all about appreciating people and getting to know them.”

Brickies Gyros is located at 431 E 3rd St. in Hobart, right across from the clock tower at Lake George. Brickies Gyros opens at 11 a.m. seven days a week and are open until 7 p.m. during the week, 6 p.m. on Saturdays and 4 p.m. on Sundays. To place an order, call 219-942-0101.

They can also be found on Facebook at www.facebook.com/BrickiesGyros1.

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