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Shamsi’s story is a heartbreaking one. She was an active and beloved member of her community when suddenly, the unexpected occurred. After a visit with her doctor, Shamsi was diagnosed with a malignant breast tumor.

Shamsi was born and raised in an area where screening mammography was not a priority during a woman’s check-up exam. When she did find out about the tumor, the cancer had already spread from the breast to her entire body. The cancer cells broke away from the original, primary tumor and spread throughout the bloodstream and the lymphatic system, which formed new secondary tumors in her lungs, liver, and brain. Scientists call this process metastasis.

The battle was a brutal one. This once healthy, vibrant woman ended up enduring so much pain and agony during her final days. To see her brought down to such a level was unbearable. At times she would confess that the pain was simply too much for her to handle.

Unfortunately, Shamsi’s story does not have a happy ending. In the blink of an eye, Shamsi had lost a two-year battle with breast cancer.

Shamsi, along with thousands of women each year, are no longer with us due to breast cancer. If these women could send a message to their fellow sisters around the world, it would be this:


Do not wait.

No one is immune to this horrific disease called breast cancer.

By not being prepared, you put yourself and your family in a very vulnerable position.

It is only by doing regular screening mammograms and self-exams that early detection can be possible.

We waited too long… take care of yourself today.


At NorthShore Health Centers we have a Hologic/Selenia Digital Mammography machine, one of the best in the U.S. With the digital mammography unit, a dedicated radiologist will review the electronic images of the breast using high-resolution monitors for better cancer detection. Our technologists are all board-certified and are well-trained to help you.

Breast cancer will affect an average of 1 in 8 women sometime in their lifetime.  It is the second most common cause of cancer-related deaths in women.  Numerous studies prove that early detection is a vital component in the successful treatment of breast cancer.

Don’t wait. Come to NorthShore Health Centers to receive your screening mammography today. Please call now 219-763-8112, ext. 5605 or 888-313-8557, ext. 5605 to schedule your screening mammography today or visit our website at Tomorrow may be too late. purchase discount medication! buy dapoxetine usa. free delivery, prozac online bestellen save up to 80% prozac incontinence rent prozac nation low dose cialis daily sun exposure watch prozac nation online free. prozac jul 9, 2011 – priligy online. can you order priligy online, priligy generic india, buy cheap priligy dapoxetine in uae dapoxetine vs paroxetine . cheap men’s health medications online. online, low cost estrace cream , price estrace cream . . These apps are all based in the cloud and they look great on a mac

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