Women’s Diagnostic Center – Your breast health is our top priority

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At the Women’s Diagnostic Center of St. Mary Medical Center in Hobart and Valparaiso Health Center, same-day digital and 3D mammography results are available, and read by dedicated breast radiologists. It is also possible to receive same-day biopsy results as well.

The Women’s Diagnostic Center at St. Mary Medical Center is also the only hospital in Northwest Indiana to receive accreditation in Stereotactic Breast Biopsy from the American College of Radiology, and is a certified Breast Imaging Center of Excellence.

The dedicated radiologists perform breast biopsies, interpret mammograms, complete breast ultrasounds, and are available for personalized consultations about breast health. Our comprehensive breast care program offers a full spectrum of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, research, support and complementary therapy options. We also offer a High Risk Breast Clinic.

The comfortable, home-like centers also features a resource libraries with Internet access and is staffed by a dedicated breast health navigators so women have access to information to better manage their health.

3D mammograms now available at both the Hobart and Valparaiso locations.

Women can also take comfort in knowing the Center offers some of the most advanced diagnostic technology and services, including:

3D Mammography in Valparaiso

Same-day Screening & Diagnostic Digital Mammography

ACR Certified Breast MRI

Breast Ultrasound

Non-surgical Breast Biopsy

Bone Density Testing

An outstanding staff that includes an experienced mammography supervisor, and nurse practitioner who are both certified, breast health navigators.

Breast tomosynthesis:  a 3D mammogram

Doctors agree that early detection is the best defense against breast cancer.  If we find cancer in its earliest stages, the chances of surviving it are good.  Until now, the best way to do that has been with digital mammography.

Today, a new technology called breast tomosynthesis – or 3D mammography – will help doctors find very small cancers and rule out “false positives” – reducing the number of women who are called back for diagnostic mammograms.

Breast tomosynthesis allows doctors to examine breast tissue one layer at a time. It may be used in conjunction with traditional digital mammography as part of your annual screening mammogram to capture more breast images.  Very low X-ray energy is used during the screening examination so your radiation exposure is safely below the American College of Radiology (ACR) guidelines.

What is breast tomosynthesis or 3D mammogram?

Breast tomosynthesis uses high-powered computing to convert digital breast images into a stack of very thin layers or “slices” – building what is essentially a “3-dimensional mammogram”.

During the tomosynthesis part of the exam, the X-ray arm sweeps in a slight arc over the breast, taking multiple breast images in just seconds.  A computer then produces a 3D image of your breast tissue in one millimeter layers.

Now the radiologist can see breast tissue detail in a way never before possible.  Instead of viewing all the complexities of your breast tissue in a flat image, the doctor can examine the tissue a millimeter at a time.  Fine details are more clearly visible, no longer hidden by the tissue above and below.

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A 3D mammogram exam is very similar to a traditional mammogram.  Just as with a digital mammogram, the technologist will position your compress your breast under a paddle and take images from different angles.  A 3D mammogram exam may be used as a screening tool in conjunction with a traditional digital mammogram or may be used by itself for a diagnostic mammogram.

During the tomosynthesis portion of the exam, your breast will be under compression while the X-ray arm of the mammography machine makes a quick arc over the breast, taking a series of breast images at a number of angles.  This will only take a few seconds and all of the images are viewed by the technologist at their computer workstation to ensure they have captured adequate images for review by a radiologist.

The whole procedure time should be approximately the same as that of a digital mammogram.  The technologist sends your breast images electronically to the radiologist, who studies them and reports results to either your physician or directly to you.

The Women’s Diagnostic Center in Hobart is located at 300 W. 61st Ave., just west of St. Mary Medical Center on the hospital campus. The Valparaiso Health Center location is at 3800 St. Mary Drive, Suite 203. Appointments can be scheduled by calling 219-947-6436 or 219-286-3711.

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