Healing the spirit and empowering the soul – A message of hope for the New Year

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The Rev. Rhonda Schienle recently offered a keynote speech on “Perception as it Pertains to Mind, Body and Spirit” at the Beautiful Hair and Skin Day Spa in Portage. Gladys Reynoso, owner of the day spa, welcomed many of her clients, employees and the community and said the attendance was above and beyond her expectations.

The Rev. Rhonda Schienle moved back to her childhood home state of Indiana in 2008 after being away for 33 years and has been building a strong legacy of spiritual and community support ever since.

Schienle runs Interfaith Ministry Services, LLC from her home office in Portage. As Schienle puts it on her website, her goal is, “To serve the greater good of my interfaith ministerial duties while honoring each individual’s chosen spiritual path as I do my own.”

Schienle considers herself a “professional student,” which shows on her office walls, where you’ll see framed certificates honoring her graduation from seminary school, her master’s in holistic theology, her bachelor’s in metaphysics, and a variety of certificates including everything from Cancer Care Leadership Training to Pastoral Care Specialist as well as a 20-year appreciation certificate for her membership in the American Bodywork and Massage Professionals.

Schienle grew up in Plymouth from birth until the age of 10. Her mother struggled with bringing up four kids as a single mother and battled alcoholism. At age 10, the courts stepped in and transferred Schienle and her older brother to their biological father’s home in California.

While things were different with her father and stepmother, they were not necessarily better. At 16 years of age, Schienle was living on the streets, with occasional stays at friend’s homes. The courts made her a ward of the court and then placed her in foster care where she lived until she was 18. During that time, she was able to find some structure from foster parents, mentors and close friends.

After finishing high school, Schienle joined several new vocational programs offered in her community, which further launched her into the allied health fields. She received her medical secretary and billing certification and began working immediately, while still going to school to advance her skills. Her motivation to work and go to school was a vow not to ever live on the streets again.

In July of 1992, she married her best friend, Mike Schienle. They have now been married over 22 years. Who knew that Schienle would meet someone from the high school in which she had been removed from because she was put into foster care in another town?

She also sees the holidays in a new light. Coming from a rough upbringing, Thanksgiving and Christmas were never especially good times.

“Now the holidays for me are about making memories,” she said. “Gifts are wonderful, but the gifts of memorable moments will be cherished forever.”

After they were married, Schienle and her husband moved to the Central Coast of California where she entered her training as a certified massage therapist.

With years of medical and massage therapy training, she had a newfound passion toward alternative medicine and the healing arts. She was able to write and teach a 500-hour massage therapy program at Stewarts School of Cosmetology in South Dakota.

Today, Schienle comes full circle back to her home state of Indiana.

“As all things, life unfolds with divine order and purpose and with that, it was meant to be that my husband’s work moved us back to my birth place,” she said.

She is a survivor on so many levels. She is a seven-year breast cancer survivor, had a near death experience and endured the tribulations of life. She can relate to others in their life challenges and adversities, as she remarkably demonstrates in her ministry work.

Schienle even has some unique advice for those who might be facing hardships.

“Give thanks for what you do have, as little as it may seem to be. The feelings of gratitude help bring more things into your life to be grateful for,” she said.

Schienle offers many services and community programs through Interfaith Ministry Services that have been found beneficial. One of her ongoing groups is the Spiritual Laws, Theories and Practices in Northwest Indiana. This is a supportive and empowering discussion group which explores, learns and applies the methods and means to attract that in which you desire and wish, whether it’s good health, finances, relationships or a good job.

“I want the community to know that you can overcome many of life’s challenges with prayer, positive thinking and surrounding yourself with supportive people,” Schienle said. “Also, to always thank those who have helped you along your journey.”

Her other passions in her ministry are officiating weddings, Celebrations of Life ceremonies and enjoying her church at Unity in The Dunes Spiritual Center in Valparaiso.

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