Adventures in Retirement: How to Improve Your Attitude

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We all know people who are unhappy and angry at the world and everyone in it.  They blame everyone else for their own mistakes, bad luck, and unfortunate situations.  People of all ages are susceptible to this attitude.  They may express their anger by their comments, by cutting off strangers on the road, by deliberately delaying people, or by displaying anger and hostility towards someone else when they themselves are at fault.  It isn’t personal; it’s just that they are unhappy and want everyone else to be unhappy too.

In extreme situations angry people commit road rage incidents, get into fights, hurt people, and sometimes even try to kill people at their workplace or in a school.

Elderly people are often susceptible to having an angry attitude because of their poor health or the loss of loved ones.  As a senior, you must realize that anger and hatred are of no value to you or to anyone else.  It is a self-destructive attitude.

Consider taking responsibility for yourself.  When you make mistakes or fail in some way, use that experience to make yourself a better person.  Learn from your mistakes.  It is a fatal flaw to blame others for your mistakes.

Bad luck, mistakes and the loss of friends and relatives are things that are part of life.  You are not alone in dealing with these and other unfortunate situations.   On the other hand, having a positive attitude makes you a better, happier, more pleasant person no matter what happens.  It is not an easy thing to learn, but if you decide to find something positive about everything that goes wrong in your life, you will be happier, more serene, and more pleasant to be around.  It will even rub off on others.

Teaching yourself to maintain a positive attitude require self-discipline.  It’s never too late to learn to discipline yourself.  Self-discipline is often a source of pride when you prove to yourself that you are in command of your health and lifestyle.  You can have “power over yourself.”

Try it!  You’ll like it.

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