Bumper stickers – ancient form of texting – Texting while driving an unnecessary risk

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When you get a chance, go on-line and type in “Bumper Stickers”, whether from your iPhone or iPad or laptop. You will be entertained, outraged, aghast, moved to tears and much more, all from the little snippets of philosophy printed on a sticky note for the back of one’s car or truck. You will see the politics of the person, and their opinion on everything from birth control to gun control to how someone feels about zebras. Some have called bumper stickers the precursor to tweeting – limited space but space to be funny, controversial, insulting, or loving.

Freedom of speech … don’t you just love America?

A few of my favorites on driving:

- Sorry for driving so close in front of you.

- Watch out for the idiot behind me.

- Forget world peace … visualize using your turn signal.

- Honk if you love Jesus. Keep texting if you want to meet Him.

Now, the last one about texting touches on humor and then the reader quickly gets the severity of the bumper sticker warning. Being in the “cemetery business,” we are burdened on a daily basis on causes of death. It is not part of a family service counselor’s training to get into the personal side of things as to how a person has died except as needed to help a person make cemetery arrangements – or funeral arrangements if you are a funeral director.

However, many people have a need to share when they meet with us. Sometimes it is easier to talk to a stranger. And when the cause of death is from such an unnecessary reason as reading or writing a text, the bewilderment is written on a survivor’s face. We are all amazed when we think of how fragile life can be.

In fact, a few years ago, I met a mother who had lost a daughter who was just reaching adulthood. That, in and of itself, is crippling for so many parents. And in this case, we got a call a couple of short months later to meet with this mom again. This time, it was another daughter, just a year or two apart in age than the first one, and this one died trying to read a text.

Wow! What a cheerful story.

For many of us that are up there in years, we did not have to deal with this sort of distraction when we were young and hitting the streets with our brand new driver’s license. We knew we were invincible, and we seldom thought about the 3,000 pound plus weapon we were driving around.

And so it is with today’s youth. But the addiction of being constantly connected is sweeping across all age groups, and it is a topic that needs more emphasis than the occasional witty space splashed on a bumper sticker.






I remember when cell phones first came into existence. I was working in Indianapolis and on my way to a small town east of Indy. I took a call from one of our Florida offices and the next thing I knew, I was crossing under a sign that welcomed me to Ohio.

For the life of me, I was oblivious to everything except the call I was making. Fortunately, God was on my side that day and I did not have an accident. Since then, I do my best to pull over to take a call. I have hands free service in my car, but is this still distraction-free driving?

So, even though my “daddy-speak” gets old, I tell my kids constantly to do no texting while driving, nor try to read a text while behind the wheel. Hopefully, repeated often enough, it will sink into their subconscious. I cannot imagine, nor do I try to entertain the very thought of a policeman coming to my door to tell me the sad and bad news that people hear every day.

People! It is avoidable, so please, enjoy reading bumper stickers and leave the texting to a time when you and those around you will be safe from such distractions.

Finally, a fun bumper sticker to close this thing out with:

I am not drunk. I am by nature a loud, friendly, clumsy person.

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