ICS kittens Class of 2014 Where are they now?

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Last year, many at the Independent Cat Society felt that kitten season would never end. We were still getting litters of young kittens in early winter, long after the usual ‘kitten season’ should have ended. And while many of these kittens were adopted, there still are many waiting at the ICS shelter for their forever homes. Young cats like Rose, Sassy, Me-Mau, or Renny, just to name just a few.

They were all just young kittens when they came to the ICS but now, because they are no longer “little,” people are just not interested in them. These, and many others, are young cats who are not only still young, between 6 months and 3 years, but who are also very playful and energetic. Most are past the curtain climbing and the keeping you up at night stage but not past the loving to play and wanting to be loved stage. They have many wonderful years of love to give and they would love nothing more than to spend time in a home and with the love with a family of their very own.

Some of you may also remember last year, on April Fool’s Day, the ICS had a very cruel prank played on them and on 13 cats and kittens  who were dumped outside without any kind of containment or protection and ICS volunteers and staff were called upon to rescue them. This rescue took over three days to catch/rescue all 13 of these wonderful cats and kittens. Luckily all of them were caught and safely brought to the shelter where they were checked out and then placed up for adoption.

But there are still three of the April Fools Gang still at the ICS shelter waiting to find a forever home. These are young cats, under 3 years of age, who have had a rough start and would love nothing more than to have a home to call their very own. We have Tulip, who we believe was a young mother to some of the kittens in the group. She is so sweet and loves to play. Her sheltermate, Pink, who is also full of energy and playfulness. You couldn’t ask for a sweeter pair than these two.

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We also have Gordy, who is so very affectionate. Several other members of the April Fools Gang were in his room at the shelter and have since found homes, but he is still searching. He runs to greet everyone with an affectionate leg rub when they come into his room hoping they will choose him, but sadly no one has.

We rescued many wonderful cats and kittens last year, young and old, and sadly many are still waiting at the ICS for their forever home.  Won’t you please come out to the ICS shelter, Route 6 and County Line Road in Westville, and meet some of these wonderful cats and rescue them from shelter life because a real home and family is what they really want and deserve.

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For more information on any of these wonderful cats, please contact the ICS at 219-785-4936 or e-mail us at shelter@catsociety.org.

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