NW Indiana’s best kept secret – With deep roots in Hobart, Mundell’s County Line Greenhouse delights generations

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Mike Mundell (center) owner of County Line Greenhouse, pictured with his daughter Rachael and his son Max in one of their greenhouses. Customers who wear anything tie-dyed on Tuesdays save 10 percent off their purchases.

Mike Mundell is very much aware that he is the custodian of a family tradition in Hobart

Mundell is a very familiar name in Hobart. The original flower store was located on Old Ridge Road where the Strack and Van Til Supermarket is now located.

Mundell Field, a popular staging area for youth soccer and football, is located on land in the same neighborhood, donated by the family and on property where once stood Mundell Elementary School.

The Mundell’s County Line Greenhouse, 383 N. County Line Road, is ablaze with colors about now, having just satisfied the Mother’s Day rush and still helping weekend warriors arrange their garden palettes for the coming summer season.

“I grew up in the greenhouse,” said Mike Mundell, without a trace of irony for coming of age amidst all manner of growing things.  “My grandfather started the business, then my dad, and now my son is getting ready to take over.”

Not that he followed that same garden path to get where he is today.

“I worked in the greenhouse in high school and for a while after,” Mundell said, “but I had no interest in doing it as a career. So I spent a few years in the Army, went to college, spent some time working in the steel mills, even worked for the Porter County Sheriff’s Department for a while.”

But he eventually found himself back home, back in the greenhouses.  Now that’s where you’ll find him every day.

“I truly love doing this,” said Mundell. “It is more of an avocation than a job.  I love the challenges.  Every day is different.  No matter how many hours I put in, it never feels like a job.”

“We specialize in herbs, veggies, flowers and hanging baskets,” he said.

As the big box stores have launched their massive garden and landscape flower sections, Mundell welcomes the competition because he believes his place will win out.

“Mostly because of the experience,” he said. “I find them (the competition) actually more helpful rather than taking away customers. We offer experience. They usually don’t have knowledgeable help. They do introduce first timers to plants and gardens. But we do a better job providing the customer with selection and service.”

Those are two keywords in the Mundell lexicon.

“We have hundreds of varieties of perennials,” Mundell said, “as well as dozens of varieties of herbs and veggies, and many unusual varieties not found at the box stores.  Heirloom veggies are the big thing right now.”

Families have come to Mundell’s for generations–and keep coming back.

“We have multiple generations of customers, including some who remember when my grandfather had the greenhouse and flower shop on Old Ridge Road, where Strack’s is now located.”

“When my dad moved the business out to County Line Road, he initially specialized in growing cymbidium orchids,” he said. “Then the South American imports pushed out all the small growers.  That forced my dad to try other things, eventually bringing the business back full circle to retail.”

“Our in-house slogan used to be ‘Northwest Indiana’s best kept secret’,” Mundell said, “but after the increases of the last couple years, we may have to change it to ‘The secret is out’.”

“I love seeing all the new customers come in, and their surprise at all the things we have here.  If there is a secret, it is that we grow as much of our own plants as space permits.  We prefer to do most of our veggies from seed, usually organic seed.  No pesticides are used on the herbs and veggies.  And, of course, no GMOs.  No frankenveggies sold here.”

“We still grow the majority of our plants on site,” said Mundell.  “We now buy in the flats, to have enough greenhouse space to grow the baskets and the specialty plants that we are known for.  Still, we are putting up more greenhouses this year to try and keep up with the increasing demand.  I still prefer to grow the veggies here, from my own seed, so I can assure the customers that they are what the tag says they are.”

Mundell’s will be open until the end of June, then close again until the third Friday of April next year, as family tradition dictates. Staying in the rhythm of the season just makes sense.

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