Wildlife Rehab Center to Released Rehabilitated Falcons During Wildlife Program

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zyban order online On Friday, Aug. 7, the Humane Society Calumet Area’s Moraine Ridge Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (MRWRC) partnered with the Indiana Dunes State Park for an educational program and wildlife release at the state park, 1600 N. 25 E., Chesterton.

The public learned about the country’s smallest falcon, the American Kestrel and witnessed the release of three Kestrels that have been undergoing rehabilitation at MRWRC. The program began at the nature center where visitors got up-close and a view of the birds. Afterwards, visitors watched as the birds were released at the bird observation tour.

The program included a short presentation from MRWRC Director and Licensed Rehabilitator, Stephanie Kadletz, about the Kestrels and their rehabilitation at MRWRC. Found as fledglings, all three birds were discovered separately, one in Merrillville and two in South Bend, and were found on the ground outside of the nest.

When a nearby nest or parents could not be located, the birds were taken to MRWRC. One bird had a string wrapped around his leg.

“Once they came into the center, the fledglings were examined for injuries and given fluids because they were thin,” Kadletz said. “The fledglings stayed in the hospital cages for a week to make sure they were eating and then they were moved out to the aviary where they could get flight practice before release.”

Also during the program, Brad Bumgardner, Interpretive Naturalist at Indiana Dunes State Park, spoke about federal bird banding and band the three birds before their release. The birds are banded so researchers can study the movement, survival and behavior of birds. The band contains information regarding the bird’s age and measurements. Bird watchers can report the bird’s location at using the information on the band.

North America’s smallest falcons, American Kestrels are native to Northwest Indiana. The males are more colorful than the females and the birds prey on rodents and insects in open fields. Some Kestrels migrate to Mexico and Central America, while others live in Northwest Indiana year round.

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About Moraine Ridge Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
MRWRC was founded in 1997 by a group of wildlife rehabilitators and enthusiasts. Its primary mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and return orphaned and injured wildlife to the wild. In addition, the center provides educational opportunities for the community that promotes informed and humane interaction with native wildlife. In 2014, MRWRC partnered with Humane Society Calumet Area, which allowed the center to substantially expand the scope of its mission and delivery of its services.

What to do if you Find a Fledgling or Injured Bird
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  • If you find a bird on the ground, first observe and see if the bird can fly.
  • If it looks to be a young bird, watch from a distance to see if the parents are continuing to care and feed the fledgling bird.
  • If the bird appears injured or four hours pass and no adult bird appear to feed or care for the bird, you should contact your local rehabilitation center to see if the bird requires rescue.

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