Over 65 health concerns

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1. Arthritis

“Arthritis is probably the number one condition that people 65 or older contend with,” said geriatrician , deputy director of the National Institute on Aging in Bethesda, Maryland. It affects and can lead to for some seniors. Although arthritis can discourage you from being active, it’s important to work with your doctor to develop a personalized activity plan that, along with other treatment, can help maintain senior health.

2. Heart Disease

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), remains the leading killer of adults over age 65, accounting for 488,156 deaths in 2013, the most recent statistics. As a chronic condition, . As people age, they’re increasingly living with risk factors, such as and , that increase the chances of having a or developing heart disease. Dr. Bernard’s advice for addressing this senior health risk not only helps with heart disease but can improve senior health across the board: “Exercise, eat well, get a good night’s rest. Eating well means eating in a fashion that will allow you to keep a healthy weight with a well-balanced and healthy diet.”

5. Alzheimer’s Disease

accounted for 83,786 deaths of people over age 65 in 2013, according to the CDC. The reports that one in nine people age 65 and older, which is about 11 percent, live with Alzheimer’s disease, but because diagnosis is challenging, it’s difficult to know exactly how many people are living with this chronic condition. However, experts acknowledge that cognitive impairment has a significant impact on senior health across the spectrum, from issues of safety and self-care to the cost burden of care in the home or a residential facility. www.writemyessay4me.org

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