Remembering Mom and Dad- And, this is the time of year that families and friends visit loved ones’ at Calumet Park Cemetery

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Spring.  One of the many reasons that I stay in Indiana instead of retire and move south like so many “old folks” do.  Ever since I can remember, I knew spring was near when I would spot the first robin of the season.  Weeping willows always seem to be among the first to come alive with the light green leaves that appear around this time of the year.  At Calumet Park, the shoots for tulips are at around five inches in height and will be blooming before you know it.  The air is cool and tastes good when I go out to my car each morning for my drive to the cemetery.

And, this is the time of year that families and friends make their way out of their winter hibernation cocoons and visit loved ones’ at Calumet Park Cemetery.  Cemeteries, like neighborhoods, look fairly ugly during the winter months unless there is a fresh layer of snow blanketing everything.  This is the time of year that our grounds crew works like make-up artists, turning plain looking faces into faces of beauty and character.  They clean away debris, treat for moles, patch and repair roads, and raise and level markers as time allows.  Grass is planted over all the graves of those who passed throughout the winter months and all equipment is readied for a new season of grass cutting and shrub trimming.

For those who already “marked” the graves of parents, or children or spouses, this is the time of year that a great deal of attention is paid to cleaning up around individual sites, planting flowers where allowed, and meeting with Family Service people to fill out a Service Opportunity Form to request that their markers be raised and leveled if needed.  There is no charge for this service from Calumet Park Cemetery.

There are also those who come out and need help in locating the final resting place of someone they love.  It is very hard to find a single 42” x 84” grave among the thousands and thousands of graves when there is no marker or monument in place.  For some, the granite or bronze on granite is just that…a marker that marks the exact spot where their friend or relative is laid to rest.  For others, the granite and bronze on granite markers are looked at as a memorial to a loved one.  They take great care and time to have us design this lasting tribute in such a way as to serve as a final tribute to the person who filled such an important role in their life.

For those who have not ordered a marker or monument as of yet, Calumet Park is offering a 15% discount in honor of mother’s day and father’s day and is good for any marker and monument purchased between April 7 – May 7.  The discount is not on the application fee or the setting charges, and is not retroactive.  So, if you have not made arrangements as of yet for memorialization for your loved one’s grave, now would be the time to act.  We can also help you arrange for a marker or monument for any cemetery in the region.  Call 219-769-8803 or stop in now.  The normal time from start to finish getting a personalized memorial set on a loved one’s grave is 6-8 weeks.  Even those who order on the last day of the sale should be able to see their tribute in place by mid-summer.

For readers who have not invested in their lifetime tribute to their loved one, what is holding you back?  If affordability is the question, take advantage of this sale and set up a payment program using our interest free program.  Start chipping away at the cost, and before you know it, you will have the exact memorial that meets your needs in place.  Time has a way of speeding by.  For your own peace of mind, don’t let another four seasons come and go without your grave locater, timeless memorial in place.

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