Good Bosses Versus Bad Bosses- A person who becomes a manager must perform daily

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Almost all of us have worked for someone else at some time or other, and perhaps found out that some bosses are easy to work for and others aren’t.  Your manager or “boss” can be good or bad, effective or ineffective, successful or unsuccessful.  Your perception might be different from that of the people your manager reports to.  Usually, the manager is judged by how much work is accomplished, how much money is made, and how much success is accomplished.  The employees usually judge the manager by how they enjoy working for him or her, how appreciated they feel and how happy they are.

However, from a manger’s point of view, his or her priority may be more about how to get the job done efficiently.  In my experience, there are two basic types of managers.  One is a strong, self-confident person who motivates employees, delegates authority, helps them to be successful, rewards their efforts, cares about them and facilitates creative efforts.  Other managers may not have the skills or qualities that make them able to create a positive atmosphere.  They are thus unable to motivate people or they just don’t care about them.  In those cases, the manager may use the “fear” tool.  That kind of manager usually lacks confidence in him or herself, is overbearing or pushy, and sometimes mean.  Their only desire is to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

I’m sure that we will agree on which type of manager we prefer.  However, sometimes the overbearing boss will get better results.  And management may only want better results.  On the other hand, sometimes a caring boss will be too easy on employees and be taken advantage of.  In that case, the manager will not be successful.

So how can a manager achieve outstanding results from employees and still be great to work for?  That usually comes down to motivation.  If the employees like and respect their manager, they will try to please him or her.  I found that the best way to improve efforts is to show disappointment in my employees when the results are less that I expect.  If you show that you think your employees are capable of more work, better quality and more successful results, they will often rise to your expectations.  Sometimes their results will be even better than what is expected.  This attitude promotes motivation, since it makes employees want to work harder or smarter to satisfy a respected manager.  They also know that the manager will reward their efforts in some way.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, there is not enough desire to make bosses into managers who motivate employees, help them to be successful and reward their efforts—especially when a “bad” boss achieves nearly the same good results.

A person who becomes a manager must decide how he or she can get the best performance from the employees.  If a person wants to be thought of as a “good” boss, the person will have to make an effort to create the skills and attitude to successfully motivate and reward employees’ efforts.  It may not be easy to develop these skills and the appropriate attitude, but these qualities can pay off handsomely.

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