Adventures in Retirement – Cherish those best friends, especially through life’s changes

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I often marvel at how unusual and special it is to maintain life-long friendships.  It seems that most friendships are fleeting and last through only a few phases of one’s life.  Friends you make later in life are usually only acquaintances — not real friends who will do anything for you. Also, a real friendship can stand the test of time.

For example, high school friendships often end when one or both friends marry, go off to college or go into the military.  Being married versus single, having children, and changing jobs can alter our perspectives and friends.  Geographical relocation because of job changes, military service or other life changes often end friendships. Lastly, retirement and the health changes of old age often adversely affect friendships.  Even differing political views can endanger friendships.

But occasionally, the strength and commitment of a solid friendship stands the test of time and lifestyle changes.  When that happens to you, it is fortunate indeed, because then you have real friends.  I have a few friends whose friendship has survived all of the above changes for more than 50 years.  I am indeed fortunate.

If you have friends like that, treasure them.  It is certainly good to be able to maintain a friendship through life’s changes.

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