Adventures in Retirement- Wide field of sports available for seniors, depending on abilities and limitations

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Most people know that playing sports is good for physical fitness, weight control and mental well-being.  This is especially true for seniors.

Unfortunately, many seniors have medical issues or handicaps that prevent them from enjoying sports as much as they would like to do. However, depending on your physical and mental health, there still may be sports that you can participate in and enjoy.

Those seniors who are lucky enough to be fit and have no serious physical limitations can play many sports that younger athletes enjoy.  I know of seniors who play basketball, volleyball and many other demanding sports.  In general, most healthy seniors can participate in alpine snow skiing, snowboarding, jogging, tennis and other similar sports.  Of course, many of these sports require physical preparation to avoid injury.

If a person is moderately fit and is not overweight, sports to consider include bicycle riding, pickle ball, ice skating, roller skating and cross-country skiing.  People with moderate disabilities (knees, back, shoulders, etc.) can often enjoy playing golf, bean bag, ping pong, disk golf and walking.  Depending on a person’s fitness level and stamina, dancing can be a great form of exercise and fun.  Dancing is also superb for mental exercise, since it requires mental concentration.

For those who are unable to do the things mentioned above, they may consider horseshoes, bowling, water volleyball, water aerobics, and slower walking. Note that if you have a dog, walking the dog at a moderate pace is good for you and the dog and provides physical benefits.

Most fitness centers, such as the YMCA, have programs tailored to a person’s limitations.  However, it is important to do something or play some sport to help with muscle development/maintenance, control your weight and keep you mentally sharp.

Remember the saying: “Use it or lose it!”

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