Do you want to be a blessing to those dealing with medical bills?

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Do you want to help people?  Do you want to be a blessing?  If so, why not get my book, SOLVING MEDICARE PROBLEM$ and learn how?

Senior citizens all over the country are receiving false or fraudulent medical bills.  If no one helps them by reviewing the bills and catching the problems, then the seniors pay the bills that they should not pay.  Imagine how much money false and fraudulent medical bills drain from senior citizens and the communities in which they live.

I wrote the book SOLVING MEDICARE PROBLEM$ to teach others how to get started with helping seniors by reviewing Medicare related medical bills.  I intended that lawyers, accountants, insurance agents, and worship leaders would get the book and start helping senior citizens.  Seniors appreciate this kind of help.

In the first 10 years that I did this work, the insurance agency where I work grew from one office with three insurance agents to four offices with over a dozen insurance agents.  If you are a lawyer, accountant, insurance agent, or other business owner who wants to attract business from senior citizens, why not learn how to help seniors in this area which touches every senior’s life?  If you lead a church or other worship congregation and you want to help seniors in your area as an outreach or good neighbor ministry, why not learn how to help seniors by protecting them from false or fraudulent medical bills?

I do my work from our main office in Merrillville.  I help only clients of our insurance agency.  I started helping just seniors, but then I started helping people who were under 65 and our clients because I learned how to do that, too.  In less than eight years, I saved clients over one million dollars.  Last fall, I passed the two million dollar mark.

In past articles, I have given my calculations for why I believe that the original Medicare system’s problems cause seniors across our country to be wrongfully billed over one billion dollars per year.  The problem for seniors is real.  If you want to help, get my book SOLVING MEDICARE PROBLEM$ (www.SolvingMedicareProblems.com)


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