Hobart Family YMCA to participate in Healthy Kids Day

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As part of a nationwide effort to encourage children to get moving, on Saturday, April 21 the Hobart Family YCMA will host YMCA Healthy Kids Day, the nation’s largest health day for children and families. YMCA Healthy Kids Day is filled with fun, engaging and creative activities that foster healthy living, and is a part of the YMCA’s larger efforts to help more kids and families become physically active. All activities are free and open to the public.

YMCA Healthy Kids Day at the Hobart Y will provide resources to help educate grown-ups about making healthy choices for their families every day.

“Keeping kids healthy is at the core of what the Hobart Family YMCA stands for,” said Sharon Tarry, senior program director at the Hobart Family YMCA, said.

The word ‘exercise’ doesn’t sound very enjoyable to many people, especially youngsters, but getting them to move more through play that requires physical activity is the key to building healthy habits that last a lifetime. On YMCA Healthy Kids Day, both children and grown-ups will have the opportunity to get moving, to play and to have fun.”

Experts recommend that children engage in at least 60 minutes of physical activity, including active play, each day. Studies show that kids who consistently engage in play are happier and healthier, and develop and enhance a variety of skills including motor skills, social skills, problem solving, and creativity. Children who get 60 minutes of physical play also tend to have higher self-esteem and perform better academically.

To make more time for physical activity, the Hobart Family YMCA offers simple ways to put more play in a child’s day, and to get the family moving more, too.

1. Make physical activity a regular part of family playtime – the more active children are the more likely they are to continue being physically active later in life.

2. Allow kids to have unstructured playtime. All play is not created equal – children need different types of play, including indoor and outdoor, active and inactive.

3. Reintroduce your child to the basics of active play: play hopscotch or basketball, jump rope, or enjoy games such as Red Light, Green Light and Simon Says.

4. Limit screen time and use of electronic media to allow more time for play.

“The goal of encouraging kids to play more is to build a lifetime of love for physical activity,” said Tarry. “Play should not seem like a chore – it is an activity that is fun and brings joy, and allows a kid to just be a kid.”

YMCA Healthy Kids Day is supported by Strack & Van Til Mega Mart, Pepsi Cola General Bottlers, and the Hobart Kiwanis Club.  In addition, the Hobart Family YMCA is proud to host representatives from the Hobart and Merrillville Fire Departments, Hobart Police Department, Hobart Kiwanis Club, American Red Cross, American Heart Association, American Caner Society, Camp Crosley YMCA, Center for Possibilities, About Special Kids, Family Compass, First Steps, Hobart Tri Kappa, Hobart’s Parents as Teachers, Bellaboos Child Play & Discovery Center, Indiana Botanic Garden, Miller’s Merry Manor, Accurate Hearing Aid Services, Lewyckyj-Tagial-Felton Eye Clinics, St. Mary Medical Center, North Shore Health Center, Ridgewood Dental Center, Children’s Dental Clinic, MD Wise, East Wind Acupuncture, Broadway Plaza Pain Relief Center, Accord Chiropractic, 2010 Census: who will be conducting health screenings, taking blood pressure readings, and distributing information to keep your family safe and healthy.

YMCA Healthy Kids Day is also supported nationally by Northwestern Mutual Foundation and Tropicana.

More than 700,000 kids and families are expected to participate in YMCA Healthy Kids Day events at nearly 1,500 YMCAs nationwide. For more information about YMCA Healthy Kids Day, call 219-942-2183 or visit www.hobartymca.org 


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