Adventures in Retirement- Traveling solo? You do have options

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I have many friends who are single.  Some have been single all their lives.  Some are widows or widowers.  Others are divorced.  Nearly all wish to travel for entertainment.  But most of them are not wealthy enough to travel alone.

Cruise ships, guided tours, hotel rooms, and many types of vacations have costly “single supplements.”  Besides the higher cost that single supplements bring to vacation travel is the issue of being alone in strange places.  In airports and train stations, a solo traveler must keep one eye on his or her luggage at all times.

Some lucky people find a friend or travelling companion to join them on vacations.  However, my own experience with my wife has indicated that people don’t always agree on where to go on vacation.  People traveling with a friend are likely to have the same problem.

There are several ways to solve this problem. If you have a special interest, like skiing, bike riding, running, or golf, you may find a club to join.  Here you have a good chance of meeting someone with whom you can travel.  Your local church or seniors’ organization may also help.

If you fail to find a travelling companion, note that there are many travel agents and tour companies that are prepared to help you with solo travel.  The first thing to do is to ask your local travel agent (if you have one) whether they are aware of solo options and if they know how to reduce or avoid single supplements.

Next, you might go online and search for travel agencies that specialize in singles vacations.  Under “travel agents specializing in singles,” I found 366 agents listed (nationwide).  It is not necessary to have a local travel agent set up your trip if you are comfortable with online or phone communication.

Searching for “solo travel” yields travel agents that will often team you up with other singles.  Just You (JustYou.com) advertises’ that it is a specialist in singles vacations.  The company claims to get you a room of your own.  It appears to be a good company to investigate.

Some travel agents will put together groups of similar ages.  Others will identify a travel-mate for you and arrange for you to meet them by phone of email in advance.  Many of them specialize in organizing group tours so that you are always around people in your group.

In any event, solo travel can be a successful vacation option that makes travel less expensive, yet more exciting and adventurous.




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